WHO DONE IT? An Immersive Murder Mystery Event


The Immersive Ensemble will bring to life the much loved detective game of Cluedo. Taking inspiration from the classic game we will cast our guests in the key role of solving the murders that take place.


Guests are cordially invited to socialise with the fantastical Dr Stephen Grey; collector, explorer and keeper of wildly eccentric company. Dr Grey is hosting an evening of celebration in honour of his long time friend.

However, something sinister is afoot...



Dr Stephen Grey is throwing a party for his dear university friend. Within the reception the Cluedo characters will be present and roaming, introducing themselves to guests, and delivering backstory and clues. Guests discover secret notes hidden within the venue.

Dr Grey raises a toast his dear friend but as he takes a large swig of his drink, he starts to choke. After a scrambling panic Dr Grey collapses on the floor.

Inspector Black examines the body and insists it must have been an accident and that the party should continue, but suspicion breaks out amongst the guests.

Break Out Moment 1

Miss Scarlet takes centre stage to sing the hosts favourite songs. During her final song, a scream is heard, a cry of pain rings around the room. Miss Scarlet is lying dead on the floor.

Inspector Black orders the venue to be put on lock down. The Inspector believes that someone in this party is responsible. Inspector Black, unable to reach his colleagues at Scotland Yard, enlists the aid of the guests to interview those suspected of these murders.


Guests are split into teams and ordered to support the Inspector in hunting down the Murderer. They must work together to solve the murders by questioning the characters.

Characters rotate around the venue between each group.

Breakout Moment 2

Ms White bursts into the main room with a deathly scream; this time it’s not red wine. Blood covers her white dress. She collapses in the centre of the room, trying to say something but she cannot speak, she points at The Host, then dies.

Three murders have now taken place. The next will be The Host. Pressure is put on the guests to solve the case and prepare to make their accusations.


The suspects are gathered and the guest's nominated speaker from each team make their accusations. The solution is then given by the Inspector in a Hercule Poirot style monologue. The murderer makes for a getaway resulting in a chase and confrontation around the room. Working together the guests assist in apprehending the murderer. The murderer is arrested and taken away, the team with the correct accusation are awarded a prize and guests are led to the after party.


After Party: Guests celebrate their detective work with drinks, dance and song.


  • Dr Grey
  • Miss Scarlet
  • Col. Mustard
  • Ms White
  • Reverend Green
  • Ms Peacock
  • Professor Plum
  • Inspector Black

Thank you for reading, we look forward to hearing from you: contact@theimmersiveensemble.com

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