Frances Perkins By: Moncerat Chavez

Frances Perkins

It was a Saturday afternoon and people were waiting to go home and be with their families. Then a fire started and killed 146 people in that fire. Frances Perkins was assigned to that case and she made it her mission to better working conditions.

Triangle Factory Fire

Frances Perkins was a very important part of the triangle factory fire because she really wanted to make people feel safer at work because this was just a horrific tragedy that happened in the fire. Frances Perkins made sure that the workers got the safest working conditions. In the biography of Frances Perkins that I read it stated, " I have never seen such horrible working conditions from an institution"(

Frances Perkins stated that she has never seen such horrible working conditions. Frances stated that she would do everything in her power to help people get the safety conditions and policies for people to work in. After the fire, multiple laws passed. Much of these laws were of regulation orders and new safety policies.

At the end, Frances Perkins fought to have better working conditions for workers. When the horrific fire ended, Perkins was a very great woman who fought for safety and order for the women.

This is a quote is from Frances Perkins

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