Beavers Newsletter November

Hello dear parents,

We hope you are all getting in the holiday spirit month, our dear Beavers are getting ready to show you what they are made of. They have been practicing and learning songs to present to you a memorable show. This month we continue learning different ways to show how we care for each other and to close a wonderful character count such as citizenship, we had a super hero day where we showed our powers! Remember to reinforce at home what a good citizen is for the Beavers:

  • "We take care of the planet"
  • "We respect every living thing"
  • "We help each other"
  • "We keep the school (and surroundings) clean"


Language: In language we have introduced 2 new letters “L” and “J.” Our Beavers enjoyed having to balance on top of the letters that they put together using a balancing path.
Math: We know a new number, 13! While playing Jenga we recognized the numbers on each piece. We practiced number directionality with paint brushes on large pieces of paper (10,11,12,13). We counted in order while feeding the shark using numbered fish from 1 to 13. We also collected coins using our piggy bank.
Science: We are researching our own favorite animal. Our Beavers made beautiful animal drawings taking every detail in consideration. Each Beaver researched more about their favorite animal and now they are putting together thinking maps with actual facts about them.
Character Count: Have you filled up your bucket today? Our Beavers can describe to you what this consists of, please don’t hesitate to ask. Beautifully explained our Beavers understand what it takes to make someone`s world a little bit brighter and happier. As a class, we incorporated a golden bucket where we will fill it this month with meaningful acts of kindness.

Recomendations: Watch this video together “Color your world with kindness”

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