Santa Fe Trail By:Kami

So Before I talk about the Santa Fe Trail,you have to know a little bit about New Mexico.

New Mexico

New Mexico was originally under the control of Spain,when America got their independence it gave New Mexico an idea.In 1821 New Mexico won their independence in a war that was from 1810-1821.Any land that was near New Mexico became New Mexico's.One thing that New Mexico changed was opening the boarders up for trading.

In the late 18th century Spain closed it boarders for trading,after New Mexico gained independence they re-opened their boarders.By doing this a dude name William Becknell was very happy.

The Santa Fe trail started with a dude named William Becknell and 5 other men.A little bit about William is that he was a trader (trading goods),he was about 35 years old when he traveled the Santa Fe Trail.The Santa Fe Trail started because the 19th century need a transportation route.

The Santa Fe Trail started in Missouri and ended in Santa Fe,New Mexico.

Fact #1: The Santa Fe Trail is 1200 miles which took them 40-60 days.

There was 2 different ways to get to New Mexico. The first way was to go through dangerous mountains and the second way was to go through the desert .The first way the made it to New Mexico took about 2 1/2 months to reach.William and his 5 men traveled by wagons full of stuff,the didn't use animals because it mean taking extra supplies.After some time they finally reached New Mexico because of having so much to trade they stayed there for a year.After a year was up they went back the same way.

Fact #2:William madeĀ a lot of money off of trading because he was the first american over trading with them.

Trail #2

William decided that he wanted to go again,but this time he was going to go through the desert instead.On the way they realized that next time time they go they will bring more water.When they went this they went through Missouri,little bit of Arkansas, through Texas,and lastly end in New Mexico.

Fact #3: William is called the "Father Of Santa Fe Trail".
The Santa Fe Trail was a hard journey from rivers that had quick sand bottoms to a hot desert but it was all worth it because now the Santa Fe Trail is a international trading route.

Fact #4: Santa Fe is the capital because that is where all the trading would start and end from the Santa Fe Trail.



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