Temperate rain forest Brayden weingardt and jonah wasden

The first plant in the temperate rain forest is Douglas-fir it is an evergreen conifer species. The Douglas fir has relationships with many types of fungi. This results in a greater plant reproduction.

The western hemlock is a commercial tree species that extends all along the temperate rainforest. Another name for it is Tsuga heterophylla. This tree benefits the ecosystem because it provides habitats for many species of small animals.

The vine maple tree is a tree in the Acer circinatum Pursh – vine maple species. It is a single trunk tree and is very ‎vibrant. This tree is eaten by sheep and cattle.

The pacific yew, also known as Taxus brevifolia, is a tree with beautiful colors and is a conifer native to the Pacific Northwest. The needle like leaves are larger or smaller based on the amount of sun they receive. The more sun they receive, the more they are able to photosynthesis.

Our invention is a bag of dehydrated leaves of the vine maple tree. When you add water to the bag and shake, it turnes the dehydrated leaves back into the regular leaves which are food for your cattle in case of food shortages. In an emergency you will have food for your cattle.


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