Happiness is a choice. You can choose to make your relationship work and be happy through it all. The absence of happiness in your life is a compromise of love, so try everything to guide against anything affecting your happiness.

There are 6 things that can make happy couples world over.

  • The bond of friendship- best friends know each other inside out. There is a couple I know some time back. They lack friendship so they fight over very little things that don't matter. When they spoke to me, I made them to understand that they must first become friends before they can grow properly in love. If they are friends and know each other inside out, their words will not hurt their feelings, because the other party will say that is my friend speaking he or she does not mean any harm.
  • Honesty- even the bible says to us, let your nay be nay and your ye be ye. Same thing honesty is a bond on which every relationship is built on. If you can be honest in all your dealings, in your relationship or marriage happiness will over flow. Honesty rejuvenates the heart of a relationship.
  • Freedom - allow your spouse to be themselves, don't force or turn them to what they are not. No one has the ability to turn the other person. What can possibly happen is that you live according to truth. Its your living that the other couple that is below truth will see and change their ways through conviction.
  • Understanding - understand each other needs very well and talk about it all the time. It show caring and brings healing to the heart.
  • Trust - without trust there is no love. Trust allows you develop intimate relationship with your spouse that brings happiness. Trust takes fear away from any relationship.
  • Communication - I say communication is the glue that keep it together in every home or relationship. If you can talk about it, means happiness is secured.

Perhaps you are reading this piece and struggling with unhappiness and you are wondering marriage is not for you and you cannot never be happy. Please think again you can, and if you need help join my coaching for free to know and learn how you can handle your marital goals.


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