Skeletal and muscular system By brett deroo

Body parts of the skeletal and muscular system

Bones:Bones are found everywhere in your body. They give the body structure. To care for your body you have to use proper equipment for sports and drink milk and eat other dairy products.

Muscles: Muscles also are found everywhere in you body. They help pump out blood and carry things. To care for your muscles you can exercise daily, warm up before and after activities, and eat healthy drink water and stat hydrated.

Tendons: tendons are located between bones. They help keel things together. Call a doctor if you hear a snap, pop, or buzzing after an accident because you might have torn a tendon.

Ligaments: ligaments go between two bones. They hold your bones together. To care for your ligaments you have to stay healthy and watch your weight.

Cartilage: cartilage goes in between bones so they don't rub together. You can do special exercises or get surgery to care for them.


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