Kitra Cahana BY MIkayla Sorensen

  1. Kitra Cahana was born in 1987.
  2. She works as a freelance documentary photographer and video grapher.
  3. At the age of 16 she moved to Israel to begin her University studies and was introduced to the world of photojournalism when one of her photographs landed on the front page of New York Times.
  4. Cahanas work dealt with many themes - Jewish Identity, Gender Identity, Spiritual Identity.
  5. She travelled to many places such as Israel, Austin Texas, and many other places throughout America.
  6. Many different subjects influences Cahanas work, she photographs many issues throughout the world or just simple documents.
  7. What makes Kitra unique is that she looks for stories that are nuanced. She is also drawn to stories about relationships which are personal or intertwined with her own history or background.
  1. The composition in this photo is rule of thirds and leading lines. It also shows motion throughout the photograph.
  2. The quality of light in the image is that its more darker on the bottom part of the picture and a little more lighter on the top.
  3. The photos center of interest would be the two people on the train. Also the leading lines throughout the photo draws you attention.
  4. The mood of this picture would be quiet and peaceful.
  5. What I like best about this image is the leading lines of the train bc it draws your attention through the photo.

In my opinion I really like Kitra Cahanas photography skills and photographs. I like her photographs because they all have great composition, but more importantly they all show some type of story behind the picture. What this photographer does that i would like to do in my own work would be telling a story throughout all my photographs.


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