Black Mountain Middle School AVID Program By Studio 701

AVID is a school program that provides nearly two million students nationwide with a unique and effective way of learning. AVID, or Advancement Via Individual Determination, helps close the achievement gap and teaches effective study habits in order to ensure college readiness for all. Students in AVID are given high expectations so they can become the best possible students they can be. AVID's teaching curriculum focuses on collaboration, inquiry, and organization.

Studio 701 found the AVID way of learning very interesting and decided to take a closer look at what really goes into the program. As a National Demonstration School, Black Mountain Middle School has a strong presence of AVID learning on their campus, leading students to be more successful and prepared for what lies ahed of them.

"An AVID demonstration school implements school wide College and Career Readiness Program. Our AVID program here at Black Mountain Middle School has an elective program but we also have AVID as a thread that's woven throughout the cloth of our school." - Scott Corso, BMMS principal
Students work together to complete the goal of several team-building activities. Here they are building straw structures.
"We know that the first day they go into high school it's going to count for college." - Danielle Reyes, AVID teacher

AVID students are taught to take charge of their learning. They work with college students in group tutorials. This program helps students learn skills to become more college-ready. Often, AVID students are the first in their families to attend higher education.

To practice his math skills, this student demonstrates a problem on the board for his tutoring group.

To inspire students to reach for their goals, AVID coordinates field trips to college campuses such as UCSD and USD. This motivates students to think ahead for what they want to do in college and what they want to major in.

The students visited the University of San Diego where they toured the campus and sat in on a chemistry class.

In addition to teaching proper study habits, AVID also focuses on team building, through fun activities that build trust and communication among peers. Every week, students look forward to "fun Friday" to step outside of the classroom. "These are our kids that we really want to bring them up bring them and celebrate them. So we they know that we're a family we do a ton of team building activities with them." - Stephanie Sgmbelouri, AVID teacher

Through communication and cooperation, the students were able to complete the challenge of this fun activity.
The students work together in groups in order to learn form each other and solve complex math problems.
Studio 701, a PUSD internship program, had the opportunity to capture this educational program and document the benefits of AVID to middle school students in becoming college-ready. The video and photography interns use professional equipment to continue their own college and career readiness. You can watch their finished video below:


Studio 701

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