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Shocking Twist to the Goldilocks Trial

Yesterday, a jury found Goldilocks guilty of breaking and entering.

Ten year old Goldilocks was arrested when The Three Bears, returned to find her asleep in their bed.

Goldilocks stated that she had been lost in the woods and was only looking for an adult to help her when she entered the Bears’ home. However, the court was told that Goldilocks had committed a previous crime, entering a home uninvited for a quick nap. The court heard that Goldilocks went in to The Bears’ house through an unlocked door and ate the food that was cooling on the kitchen table. She then broke a chair before climbing into the baby’s bed for a sleep.

Goldilocks told the court she had no idea what had happened. She woke up scared to find herself surrounded by The Three Bears and it took her a while to realise she wasn’t in her own bed, “I must have blacked out.” she said.

Yesterday, the judge said he had no choice but to give a community service order to ten year old Goldilocks, “I am sending a clear message to anybody who thinks of entering a home uninvited – they will be punished!”

On leaving the court, Goldilocks announced her intention to sue the Three Bears and says she will get compensation. She added “People should take care to lock their homes if they are going out and they shouldn’t leave dangerous items about. As a result of their carelessness I have a blistered tongue, a bruise at the base of my spine and now have nightmares about being chased by three hungry bears.”

The Bears refused to speak to our reporter. But last night, at the scene of the crime, a sign appeared on the front lawn warning…

‘Trespassers will be eaten’.

What are your thoughts on this matter? If you think that Goldilocks is right to sue text, email or write in to tell us your views.


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