T.V. Production Unit Sachin Suresh - Floor Manager


During this T.V. production unit we learn t a lot of new things and gained lots of knowledge on T.V. production. During the unit we learn t about what impact developing technology had on the relationship between media and audiences. We went through power points and also learnt about the evolution of the T.V. audience. We also learnt about the mean world syndrome and other main sections in the T.V. world. We then started our own project and we made our own T.V. production. This was a great experience.

Note Taking

During the T.V. unit, while teachers were going through power points and talking us through different theories, we did a lot of note taking and made sure we remembered all the different theories that we were taught.

Job Application Letter

Before we started the production, we were asked to write a job application letter for one of the eight jobs available in a T.V. production team. In the letter we had to write about why we were suited for a particular role. I chose the role of a Floor manager because I believed I had the skills and traits to be successful in the role. I decided that I wanted to be a floor manager as I feel I have been a good leader and that I have good time management. We had to give examples and evidence as to when we have had to do things needing these traits. I got my role as a floor manager.

Research into the role of a Floor Manager

While my group just started our planning and assigning roles to members, I did some research into the role of floor manager. From this website I learn t a lot about the expectations of other members on the floor manager, their responsibilities and different skills and traits needed to achieve success in the role. Skills like communication, ability to multitask and a sense of calmness are needed for the role of a floor manager. Some of the responsibilities. Things like floor plans, being a connection between the presenter and PA are some of the responsibilities of a Floor Manager. Reference - https://www.prospects.ac.uk/job-profiles/television-floor-manager

Being a Floor Manager Pre-Production

Pre-production, I did a lot of planning and made a table for things to do and their deadlines. This helped the whole group keep organized and helped us be punctual with time. I had also made a floor plan but after I had realised that Abby was already setting everything up for us. However I had learnt about how to draw floor plans. I also made a facebook group to make sure we were in touch and knew we were on track.

Textual Analysis of 1 T.V. make

For the textual analysis of 1 T.V. make, I chose to analyse Martha Stewart's "How to make a coffee filter tree". I have written about the different camera shots, target audience, how the setup is visually appealling etc.

Analysis of distribution and reception of one programme targeted at young audience - The Big Bang Theory

During the Production

During the production, Abby helped us alot with the different sets of equipment and taught us how to use it. I learnt a lot more about being a floor manager during production. I was making sure that the three cameramen were safe and doing well and was also the link between the PA and the presenter. I realised that being a floor manager was quite tough. I felt I did pretty well as a floor manager. We had to keep focused all through the three minutes. I was also the controller of the autocue while Aryan was doing the show. I also learnt how to use the headphones and equipment to communicate with other production members.

Using the Script during the production

During the production, my role was to be the link between the P.A. and the presenter. Using the script was very important as I had to make sure the three cameramen were all ready to switch to their camera in any particular part. For a VT I had to give hand signals to the presenter to stop for four seconds and then another hand signal for him to start again.

Footage of Actual Production

Distribution Possibilities

Final Evaluative Production Report

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