Bob Fosse By Annie Ore

Robert Louise "Bob" Fosse, was an American dancer, musical theatre choreographer, film director, screen writer and actor.

Young Bob Fosse

Fosse received many awards during his lifetime, including eight Tony Awards for choreography, and one for direction. He won an Academy Award for his direction of "Cabaret," and was nominated three other times. He received a Tony Award for "Pippin" and "Sweet Charity" and an Emmy Award for "Liza with a 'Z'." In 1973, Fosse became the first person to win all three awards during the same year.

Bob Fosse was born on the 23 of June 1927 and died at age 60 on the 23 of September 1987. He died of a heart attack at George Washington University Hospital.

Young Bob Fosse

Fosse was one of the most influential men in jazz dance history. Creating a unique dance style that is practiced in dance studios throughout the world. His amazing choreography continues to live on through several great Broadway musicals such as "Cabaret", "Damn Yankees" and "Chicago".

Fosse's unique jazz dance style was stylish and sexy, and easily recognized. After growing up in Caberet nightclubs, the nature of Fosse's signature style was sexually suggestive. Three of his dance trademarks included turned-in knees, sideways shuffling, and rolled shoulders.

Bob Fosse style

Like most, Bob Fosse has is insecurities. He wore bowler hats and gave all his dancers hats to use while dancing because of his premature baldness. He also used gloves because he did not like the look of his hands.

The physical setting is what is physically scene on stage such as props, costume and lighting. Bob fosse pays a lot of attention to this as he liked to make a clear theme or a clear message to the audience to understand. Also it contributes to the dance creating more interest to the audience eye to keep them entertained.

"Liza with a z"

An example of the is the Liza costume. This is a black costume of a waist coat, hot pants, bowler hat and stocking. the costume still covers up most of the body however is tight fitting. This would etherise every movement of the dance also showing off curves of the dancer making it sexy and appealing. Also the bowlers hat was used in those times for men who had a high job or was important this on a women makes her more dominant which can be considered as attractive. She is also wearing heeled shoes this would create more attention to the beat of which the dancers is dancing creating a tension of build up.

The Cell Block Tango is an amazing routine that is in the broadway show "Chicago". It is so empowering and really shows who's boss. Their is nothing quite like it. The Cell Block Tango tells a story of six women murdering their husbands. It explains how and why they did it and for what reasons. It is set in a cell and they come out one a time time describing the events. Every woman had their own red piece of material. I believe it represented the blood. It was a unique and creative way of getting the messages across.

Bob Fosse is so unique and quirky. He has changed the way of jazz forever. He brought something to the table that was so crazy but fabulous. Fosse is an icon and always will be.

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