Meshmixer manual

when you open meshmixer, it should look like this.
click on "import"
select your 3d file and open it.
wait for it to load
There it is!
click on "edit"
click on "transform"
use the red, green and blue arrows to move and rotate your model.
move the curved green line so that the model faces the front
this makes it easier to edit later on
now the model is facing the front but it's tilting to one side.
move the curved red line until the model looks right.
that's better.
when you're happy with this, click "accept"
click "make solid"
and wait...
the model has lost some detail but now it's a lot easier to edit as the file size has been reduced
you can see that the model is now solid
If you want a better resolution, you can change the settings. remember to click "update"
and wait...
now it looks better. click "accept"
the surface of the model is still a bit bumpy. click "sculpt"
choose "brushes" and then choose "shrinksmooth"
here we see that the brush size is too large. change it from the menu.
now hover the bubble over where you want to start smoothing.
click and drag the mouse over the area.
keep going.
keep going.
you can rotate the model while you're doing this so that you can smooth the whole model.
now we go back to "edit" and select "plane cut"
this creates a plane that can be moved and rotated.
line it up
click "accept"
let's do that again. click "plane cut".
line it up
click "accept".
now it's ready to save. click "export"
and save.

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