From the Headmaster:

Sun is shinin' in the sky

There ain't a cloud in sight

It's stopped rainin' everybody's in the play

And don't you know

It's a beautiful new day, hey hey

Southwold Beach Huts

Those who know me sufficiently (as a human as well as suit wearer) will, I hope, have a smile spreading following my slightly different introduction to this edition.

I certainly smiled as I turned a corner to another row of beach huts (yes, I have a perfectly understandable appreciation for the quintessential British seaside architecture) and there, it may well even have been illuminated by electric rays of light and perhaps even an orchestra playing, there was a beach hut that not only made my day but also summed up the last seven days, the last 14 days and last twenty-one days.

A celebration, Mr. Blue Sky's up there waitin' And today is the day we've waited for

Year 2/3 camp out; Year 3/4 camp out at Southwold and then the most recent Year 5 and Year 6 residential at St Felix. All fantastic and all creating those memories that will linger, not just for the children but also for us older children who enjoy it immensely, enormously.

Fortunate? Yes. Hard work? Well, it certainly requires energy. Worth it? Oh yes. A million times, yes.

Enjoy the images. Enjoy your weekend.


Don't Forget - Art Exhibition - Friday 21st May 9am - 11am.

Year 5 and Year 6 Southwold Residential

In the most challenging of times we find opportunity and at no point in these last two weeks have any of us taken for granted that, thanks to our relationship with our newest sister school, St Felix, we were able to navigate the covid regulations and provide what few other schools are able to this term, a residential.

I am sufficiently long in the tooth to recall many, many similar residentials. Trips to the South of France at the start of my career, Outward Bounds, ski trips with children from Bahrain to Switzerland, camping in the desert, ski trips from Libya to Switzerland, even more camp outs, expeditions, flights and the list goes on. These last two will linger longest in the memory for all of the right reasons. Super children and tremendous company.

Navigating, yomping, sketching, pooling, breakfasting, bacon sarnie pinching, paddling, dipping toes-ing and ice cream treating. My thanks to everyone for memory making and to Messrs Bond, Kilb, Papps, Masefield, Sims, Stevenson and Finch for their energy levels and company. A brilliant team at the home base too all combining to give our children some wonderful, life long memories. Brilliant stuff.


Eid Mubarak. I do hope that you all enjoyed your time with your families and loved ones. As I hopefully managed to make clear, despite being perched on a bench in the middle of St Felix, broadcasting on 4G, the end of Ramadan and the celebration of Eid is a time I have fond memories of, not least on that lovely day in Ghadames (do look up this particular town in Libya) when we were made to feel very much part of the celebration, a genuine hospitality. I did enjoy speaking with Mr Karim and with Noah about their thoughts and anticipation of their days ahead.

It seems that I have started a new challenge, hosting assemblies from different locations around the UK!

You will forgive Year 5 and Year 6 from their normal contribution this week, I think we can allow them to rest!

Year 4

We started and finished the week by making a great impression. This of course was our endeavours in to press mould making in preparation for the Art exhibition next week. After two (messy) lessons, we have unveiled some very impressive results.

In our Maths lessons we have been identifying the relationship between decimals and fractions; understanding how the decimal places relate to tenths, hundredths and thousandths. It has been excellent to see pupils confidence grow in this area and how they relished the opportunity to create their own matching ‘decimals to fraction’ card games.

The headline news from English and Humanities recounted events from the Spanish Armada in the form of a newspaper report. Eye catching headlines, sub headings, captions and many more features of newspaper reports were in use as pupils recounted events from the 1588 battle in the English Channel.

A very busy week for the Badgers with more busy creative times to follow from next Monday.

Year 3

Year 3 started the week continuing our persuasive writing topic with a focus on single use plastic and how it is affecting our oceans. They felt quite strongly about the need to stop the use of single use plastic products. We have explored our persuasive vocabulary by making posters using our own art work and Keynote note as well as writing letters.

In mathematics we have returned to addition and subtraction using the formal method.

our art this week has been a reflection on our time in Southwold with beach scenes, chalets and seagulls using a variety of media as we build up our portfolio of work for the Art Exhibition.

Year 2

This week with the children in full art mode we have created some beautiful mosaic sunflower pictures. These are now on display in our classroom ready for you if you take the opportunity to come and see.

With the children topic of Stone Age in humanities we got messy on Friday we some very cool mud paintings.

In maths we have gone back over our place value and will next week be moving onto halving large 3 digit numbers.

In English the children created some splendid monster poems which they loved reading out to each other. Next week we are going to be creating our own comic books, which the children are very excited for.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Year 1

What a wonderful week full of creativity and imagination.

We continue to explore our focus artist for the art exhibition ( no spoilers...) by developing our own art work in ‘his’ style. This proved challenging to Year 1 but they persevered and produced some very interesting sketches.

In maths we look at representing numbers and comparing using blank number lines or number lines which go up in increments of 10.

In literacy we have explored speech marks and alternative words for said as well as looking at how capital letters are used for sentence openers and proper nouns.

The highlights of the week were two incredible ECO conscious lessons looking at local biodiversity and writing letters from an animal perspective as well as creating an ocean fact file to teach others why our oceans are under threat.

Well done Year 1.


The week began in reception with a huge interest in the snails that appeared during the rain. We have been using this interest to talk about mini-beasts. During performing arts we moved like our chosen mini beast, thinking about their speed. We then listened to the sounds of mini beasts and developed our sound differentiation skills to identify which mini beats was making the sound.

In Literacy we listened to a story about a caterpillar and used this to help us write a story about a caterpillar or a snail. The children really tried hard to think of creative ways to start their story using their knowledge of adjectives from previous weeks. They wrote what the weather was like and where the mini beast went. Reception have been working hard recently writing for a purpose and they used their knowledge of caterpillars and snails to improve their stories.

In Maths used the balance scales with the Numicon to help us visualise addition sums. We had to try and make the scales balance by using two Numicon tiles to add up to the one tile that was in the opposite side of the scales. E.g. 10 = 6+4.

The children have been fascinated during our sessions on understanding the world where we looked at the festival of Eid. After watching videos of how families celebrate Eid we then shared our ideas with each other and this enabled them to compare the celebrations to other traditions. The children then identified different places of worship they visit with their families. As the week progressed we created our own Eid cards using the symbols of the star, moon and mosque and we delivered them around the school to other children that were celebrating Eid. The children in the class that had celebrated Eid with their families recalled the events confidently to the class and answered their peer’s questions.

During Woodland School we looked at the art of Andy Goldsworthy, we discussed the shapes we could see and what they reminded us of. The children then collected their own natural objects and created their own transient art. We had everything from 2D shapes to animals.

The week ended with an art day on Friday as the children prepared their Matisse collages for the art exhibition using their freeze frame photos of themselves when we listened to the music “Spring” by Vivaldi. We thought carefully about the colours and shapes we used to represent our thoughts and feelings in response to the music. I hope you will enjoy their work products when you come and visit the art exhibition next Friday.

Second Steps

Continuing our all about me topic we have been creating our own X-ray pictures & seeing how our insides look different to the out side. For the outside we have been drawing our self poetry, looking closely in the mirror at the shape of our faces, the colour of our eyes, the style & colour of our hair. We have had some fantastic pictures.

The children have been learning about Eid. Mrs Guniz has been telling us all about it & the children were really keen to learn all

about it.

The children enjoyed measuring all the ingredients to make play dough. Seeing how the wet & dry ingredients change when they are mixed together.

Miss Finch

Miss Wood

First Steps

First Steps have been super busy everyday this week and have been having loads of fun! At the start of the week we had a fantastic phonics session using a mirror and a few objects like a car, a train, a cow and a bear etc. The children used the mirror to look at how their mouth shape and sound changed depending on the object they chose. Then in P.E we developed our knowledge of colours through a physical game where we had to move around in different ways like hop, run or skip to the correct colour which was shouted out. We got creative this week and painted our own ladybirds and made some bumble bees out of clay. We also decorated our spiders from last week with glitter and paint.

For woodland School this week we developed our number skills with a number Hunt in the bark area. There were hidden numbers from 1-10 and once the children found the number they then had to count the correct amount of bark and show on their finger the number amount too. Well done First Steps!

On Thursday we had a very interesting assembly about Eid and Ramadan. We learnt about fasting, the mosque, how Eid is celebrated and much more! We also got to enjoy some Turkish delight from Mrs Guniz and coloured in and made mosques.

Mrs Guniz Mrs Mousi Ms Bambi

Key Events

Friday 21st May - Art Exhibition - Whole School Exhibition

Friday 28th May - ILG Athletics Championship Lee Valley Athletics Stadium

Friday 11th June - Inter-House Crystal Maze

Wednesday 16th June - Pupil Reports published

Thursday 17th - Friday 18th - Year 5 and Year 6 Bikepacking Expedition (optional)

Friday 25th June - Kite Festival

Saturday 26th June - Prize Giving, Sports Day - All children to attend

Saturday 26th June - Parent Social 6pm

Thursday 1st July - Inter House Tough Mudder

Friday 2nd July - End of Term Production

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