PGA Virtual Fully Online Learning


PGA Virtual students engage in online/remote learning each weekday. Instruction will be a combination of both synchronous and asynchronous models that will be built around a consistent schedule so that learning coaches can establish routines with their child to support his or her learning in ways that are appropriate for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

On-campus opportunities will be available to PGA Virtual students to help build community as well as to support learning. There will also be occasions where on-campus attendance is required, such as final exams for classes or state assessments.

For high school students, we are investigating utilizing a block schedule as was the case at PSD Virtual this year. We will know more specifics about the schedule once we have more solid information about the number of students that will be enrolled at PGA Virtual.


PGA Virtual uses curricular resources from a variety of partners to support student acquisition of the Colorado Academic Standards within our virtual learning model. Although our school does have Innovation status, which allows us to utilize curricula outside of what has been adopted for use in Poudre School District, we rely on district-adopted resources to meet most of our curricular needs. Google Classroom is frequently used by teachers as a platform by which students access both their on-campus and at-home learning. A variety of blended learning resources like Lexia, Dreambox, i-ready, and more help to gauge student learning and progress to help the teacher personalize for individual student goals and needs.

PGA Virtual has elective opportunities for elementary, middle, and high school students. Elementary and Middle school students will have access to online art, music, and PE classes. Middle school students can explore World Languages, and we are working on building a partnership with another middle school in PSD to offer on-campus elective opportunities, including band, orchestra, and choir. High school students have access to a wide range of online electives, as well as pathways to earning college credit in high school. These opportunities include PSD Futures Lab as well as Career Pathways (auto or welding) and Campus Select programs through Front Range Community College. PGA is working to build a partnership with a local PSD high school to offer access to on-campus elective opportunities including band, orchestra, and choir.

School Culture

PGA enjoys a strong and positive school culture driven by relationships. Our learning model relies upon partnership between students, parents & learning coaches, and staff. This partnership fosters empathy and understanding, supports our ability to personalize learning, and cultivates the relationships that sustain our culture. We look forward to building upon the culture of PSD Virtual from this school year as we include traditions from PGA Hybrid like Fall Festival and Celebrations of Learning each semester that showcase student learning. Students can engage in clubs and sponsored activities like National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, and more. Our Student Council organizes several spirit days throughout the year, as well as Prom.


As a parent of a PGA Virtual student you have both the opportunity and the responsibility of supporting your child's at home learning in a role we call the Learning Coach. While the exact nature of the learning coach role will vary depending upon factors that include your child's age and skillsets, the responsibility of the learning Coach is to facilitate your child's access to, and engagement in, their learning. Teachers at PGA will support you in this effort by ensuring that you have access to curriculum, resources, and training so you can be an effective learning coach for your child. PGA connects new learning coaches in grades K-8 with mentors that are experienced with our learning models so you can enjoy the rewarding opportunity and experience of influencing and supporting your child's learning in a way seldom experienced at other schools.

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