Craft Beer Walking Tour Pppc bc crew

Yes of course. Our first photo has to be a group shot of us stranded in the middle of Main Street. It's only appropriate that we start our journey this way. How else do we describe the feeling of isolation in our industry if we didn't connect with each other on a regular basis.

In between horrible rainy cold weather and crazy snow storm, we were gifted a beautiful Friday afternoon where the sun reaching down on us giving us the perfect backdrop for our first Beer Tour meetup. It was a simple idea conceived over lunch to put a social event to attract minded individuals and see how we can push the boundaries of creativity and disruption. Especially in our industry, both boundaries needs to be pushed. Beside this indirect agenda, our direct agenda was to have to good time, share a few drinks, and have a bunch of good laughs.

Our first meeting place, Faculty Brewing Co. This is a small craft brewery and they had some cool beer. The names and numbers associated with the beer indicates the complexity of the drink. The higher the number associated with the beer, the more adventurous it is. I am lucky to know most of the people coming to this event, and it's great that new friendship forming.

New friends getting to know each other.
Changing of the guards.
Distributors and suppliers mixing.
Rich and Carrie having a discussion.
Carrie and Peter having an in depth discussion.

We soon left Faculty for our next stop. It was a walking tour and it worked really well. We didn't have to cram into a truck, and there was lots to lively discussions and excitement from hanging out.

The weather couldn't have been better this very day. It was the perfect day, during the perfect hours, for hanging out.
High level discussions to be continued...
Our unexpected pit stop at Brassneck presented a few surprises like having ID's checked. Always a compliment.
Edward joins Rich for a cheer.
Peggy, this is a great photo of you. You were great to hang with.
Suppliers mingling.
Edward and April.

All the socializing has put some of us on the edge. Hunger was striking and if you've never heard adults saying "I'm hungry!" just hang out with us and you'd witness it. This was becoming a pack of hungry wolves.

Our next and final sanctioned stop for the day, Red Truck Brewing Co. This place was super cool, and we had a wonderful guide and host in Anthony providing a tour of the brewery and the history of Red Truck.

The tour begins outside.
Nobody could keep this fantastic bunch under control. Imagine going to school with this group.
Thanks Shaun for being the first to put his hand up and signed up!
Chad, a late addition was epically funny and as always the life of the party.
Red Truck bottling facility.
VIP access to the upper balcony.
Peter and Shaun laughing.
Oh finally the food! The menu was well put together. Dry ribs, wings, reuben sandwiches, fish and chips, and of course, beer.
In the private tasting room, we caught Kabula and Edward from Promobilia discussing on how they are going to take over the world.
Miranda and Sophie.
Good laughs.
Shaun and Chad. BFF <3.
New friends.
Peggy and Carrie.
Carrie and Winston.
Winston and Peggy.

As we close the door at Red Truck, another party is about to start at Yaletown brew pub.

A few more photos to share as we waited for our ride to our next party.

April and Chad.
April and Nicole.
Miranda and Ross.

We had a fantastic night learning and sharing stories from each other. Everyone is looking forward to our next organized event. Special thank you goes out to Kabula and April for working with me on this event. You both made the idea of planning an event fun and stress free.

Lots of love, Winston Lo

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