Dogs Lucky and bogart

Here are my two dogs Lucky (left) and Bogart (right). They are both Yorkshire terriers and brothers. My mom had gotten them from a breeder and we had kept their names. Lucky was named this way because he was lucky to be alive! His mother was having trouble giving birth and they needed to perform a C-section to save his life. Bogart doesn't have a meaning to his name, but I loved it. I never experienced owning a dog and this was my first.

I think my family was pretty fortunate with them because they are the most obedient and quiet dogs. If they barked a lot I probably would have ripped all my hair out already. At first I had felt indifferent about owning dogs, but I learned to appreciate their presence because it felt like someone was always home. If I ever felt lonely I could just have them join me in my room or hangout with them in the living room. As Lucky and Bogart grew I started to notice a difference in personalities and body type.

Lucky is always energetic and wanting attention and Bogart is lazy and affectionate. Lucky looks like a very noble dog and Bogart is a little chubby. They are both good dogs and provide a nice outlet when I feel like being anti social. I now appreciate them even more as my affection for them grew. I am happy we got them while I was at school though so they wouldn't be attached to me and would keep my parents company. While I am gone they act as my mom's dolls and my dads new kids.

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