Archetypes Taya kelly 8.2

The Hero

Percy Jackson

A Hero is a person or thing that we look up to . They complete challenging quests and face ultimate obstacles. They have special qualities and beliefs that help them on their journey, these include courage, bravery, loyalty and humility.

An example of a hero is Percy Jackson.

The Mentor


The mentor guides the hero on his journey, and assists him in completing quests in difficult times.

An example of a mentor is Chiron who is Percy Jacksons mentor.

The Ally


The ally is a loyal and trustworthy character. They assist the hero amid their journey.

An example of an ally is Annabeth who protected Percy no matter the cost.

The Trickster

This archetype spices up the journey. They are extremely humorous and faithful.

An example of a Trickster is Grover, Percy's Best friend.

The Shapeshifter

The shape shifter may seem friendly, but don't be fooled by their appearance. They are vicious traitors.

An example of a traitor is , who was a mate of Percy's.

The Guardian

The guardian is a very protective archetype who risks their lives on many occasions in order to keep the hero safe.

An example of a Guardian is Grover, who was ordered to watch over Percy in his early years and keep him safe from the kindly ones and the other minions of Hades.

Shadow (villain)

The villain is a very violent archetype whose goal it is to kill or delay the hero in his journey. The shapeshifter usually turns on the side of the villain.

An example of a villain is Hades who tries on several occasions to kill Percy.

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