Biomedical Engineering Martina Flowers 7th PERIOD

Biomedical engineers work on advances that improve human health and health care.
Biomedical Engineers need to be good at chemistry, math, biology, computer science, and engineering. Most Biomedical engineers have Bachelors degrees, or Masters degrees, not many have Doctrine degrees.
The median Salary for Biomedical engineers is $86,960 a year. Some make more than that...
Biomedical engineers work in Offices, labs, workshops, clinics, and hospitals. A little bit of travel is required sometimes, but it is just to local hospitals and/ or clinics.
Major Job Responsibilities for Biomedical Engineers are designing systems to replace body parts and organs, devices to take the functions of organs (as shown by this diabetic insulin pump), and machines that diagnose medical problems and illnesses.
The job outlook for Biomedical engineers is great because there will always be a disease to cure, and cures for diseases can always be improved.

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