Feudalism By: Max Sigler

The people who lived in the manor were the peasants, knights, nobles, the king, farmers, and everyone that worked for the king.

Feudalism- a strict social system in which landowners grant people land or other rewards in exchange for military service or labor

Manor- self-sufficient estate of a medieval lord

The social groups during the Middle Ages were very interdependent. this means that each social class needed every other social class to keep everything in order. The peasants and serfs were used to farm for food. The knights gave the nobleman protection. The kings hired the knights and ruled over everything.

The feudal system had a very important impact on politics. It controlled who could get involved with politics. For example, peasants and serfs couldn't get involved with politics because they were treated and considered as slaves. This also discourages many people from getting into politics and things like that. The feudal system also made politics very easy for people who were very rich.

The feudal system affected social structure as well. It affected the social structure because it allowed people to be treated very harshly. People wer also abused and sometimes treated very harshly form this as well. The people who were very rich could get away with many things like breaking the law and cheating in politics with paying certain people. This caused many people to try to rebellion the system but doing this was punishable by death.

Finally, the feudal system affected the economy. The feudal system affected the economy because it changed the way most people were treated. It also allowed for people who were being treated unfairly to not be able to do anything about it. This caused many poor people to live very hard and difficult lives. The people who were rich were living easy lives and didn't have a lot of things to worry about. This was because people had to treat them kindly or else they could get on the kings bad side and face execution.

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