Stanley my conclusion

Stanley see's himself as a king. "That's how I'll clear the table! [He seizes her arm.] Don't ever talk that way to me! ... Remember what Huey Long said – "Every Man is a King!"-Stanley
Stanley was very manly. This is what Stella mostly liked about him. [Stanley is forced, pinioned by the two men, into the bedroom. He nearly throws them off...]
Stanley was manipulative. He liked to play mind games with Blanche.
Stanley was very controlling and animalistic, and felt as if he had to have constant control over Stella, his home, his friends, etc. "He acts like an animal, has an animal’s habits!" -Blanche. [Stanley stalks fiercely through the portieres into the bedroom. He crosses to the small white radio and snatches it off the table. With a shouted oath, he tosses the instrument out the window.] [Stanley charges alter Stella.] "Who turned that on in there?" "Turn it off!" Blanche has the radio playing; it ddn't bother anyone but STanley did not want it on. He demanded it be turned of, and when it wasn't he threw it out the window.

Stanley is certainly a flat character. There is no change in him throughout the play. He acts just as animalistic and is just as much of a jerk at the end of the play as he is in the beginning. He does not grow as a character; he acts just the same.

My conclusion is that Stanley is a very "alpha male" ype of man. He likes to have control over most aspects of his life, and when he thinks something is going out of his control he begis to act very animalistic.

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