The Runt By anna iske

Kate would never forget the time she moved to the farm. She had no idea what was going to happen.

Kate was a tiny puppy who moved to a farm because her parents didn’t have enough time to take care of her since she had so many brothers and sisters. Kate knew why she was really going to the farm, though. She was a runt, or the smallest animal who wasn’t expected to live up to the expectations of the owners. Kate didn’t mind that much, she got to meet new friends at the barn. Well, that’s what she thought. When kate got there, she was showed where she would be staying. After that, she started walking around and she saw loads of animals. Sheeps, cows, pigs, and even dogs Kate like her! She went to go talk to them.

“ Hi. My name is Kate.” “Hey! I’m Mark and this is Regan and Jones.” He pointed to two other dogs. One with white fur, named Regan, the other also with white fur, Jones. “I help herd the cattle.” said Mark. Then Regan, “I help keep the other animals out of the garden.” And, lastly, Jones, “ I keep the coyotes away from them chickens.” “ What’s your job?” asked Jones. Kate hesitated “I-I don’t have a job. My parents sent me here today.” “Oh that’s ok. We can get the farmer to get you a job! If you don’t mind me asking, why did your parents send you here?” Should I tell them? What if they make fun of me? “ Umm I was the runt so they didn’t have enough time to take care of me.” For a second, Kate felt good for saying that, but that all changed.

First the laughter coming from Mark, then followed by Jones’s laugher. Regan just chuckled but didn’t seem that amused. The laughter was howling through Kate’s ears. Once their laughter dialed down, Mark said, “ You don’t belong here! The only dogs who are going to work here are the ones who can actually work.” Regan didn’t think that was right, but she went along with it since her friends were doing it. Kate felt horrible! She wanted to go home to her brothers and sisters. Kate ran to her room and stayed there until it was time to go have dinner. Dinner was even worse. The whole time the other dogs snickered and laughed and whispered about Kate from across the table. Kate went to bed feeling very melancholy and sad.

The next few days weren’t any easier. “Runt” was the only word spoken to Kate. She forced back a tear every time she heard that word. One night, Kate couldn’t sleep. She kept thinking about those other dogs making fun of her. Finally, she couldn’t take it. She snuck out of the barn and ran a few blocks away to an old restaurant.

Regan couldn’t sleep either. She was thinking about Kate. She felt bad for Kate. Regan went to go find Kate to apologize but, she wasn’t there. Regan found some small paw prints leading down the block. She got to the end of the prints and saw a sad looking Kate. “Please I can’t take it anymore.” cried Kate. “ I didn’t come to make fun of you. I came to apologize.” Kate sniffed. “ Really?” Regan replied, “ Yeah I felt bad for making fun of you. I felt bad for everything and if you wanted I could help you get a job at the farm. “ Thanks!” They walked home together and talked and laughed the whole way home. Kate went to sleep feeling a lot better.

The next day, Kate worked with Regan and helped keep the animals out of the yard. Later, Mark and Jones came up to Kate ,“ Hey, we wanted to apologize for what we said to you. We didn’t know that could hurt someones feelings that much.” said Mark. “ Yeah we are sorry.” continued Jones. “ It’s okay, I forgive you.” replied Kate with a smile on her face. Kate finally felt like she had a home. She would never forget the time she moved to the farm. She had no idea what would happen or the friends she made.


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