Upper Charles Climate Action Mission:

With enthusiasm and hope, we seek to protect our communities, our planet, and future generations by sustaining a healthy, livable climate.

What we do:

Understanding the dangers climate disruption poses to everything we hold dear, we work to slow climate change and minimize its destructive impacts. We do this in two major ways:

We advocate at the local and state levels to rapidly and significantly increase the use of clean, renewable energy in place of fossil fuels, and to promote energy conservation.

We aim to help others understand the reality and impact of climate change, to reduce their personal climate impact (“carbon footprint”), and to become effective advocates for a healthy, sustainable climate.

Who we are:

We are concerned citizens of towns in the upper Charles River area*; students, sons, daughters aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents; working and retired. As we share our commitment and support one another’s efforts, we are becoming a team of friends. We welcome as new team members anyone who is eager to work collaboratively for a healthy climate.

*currently Ashland, Holliston, Hopkinton, Milford, Dover and Sherborn

Monthly Meetings:

Next Meetings:

  • 8/24/2020
  • 9/28/2020
  • 10/26/2020
  • 11/23/2020
  • 12/28/2020
Members participate in many activities - from meeting with local select boards, lobbing legislators to attending marches.

To learn more about the Upper Charles Climate Action Node check us out on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or sign up to be on our mailing list! To learn more about our state 350 MA organization, visit www.350ma.org


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