Coca-Cola's Love Chain #Cocacolaforlove

#CocaColaforLove will be the social media strategy that Coca Cola company could use to attract either new or their usual customers. It is basically a marketing strategy that'll, apart from attracting possible new customers, it'll unite their previous ones. The whole idea is to launch a worldwide campaign in which the company will have to incentive people to create videos about short stories covering the themes of love, happiness and fun. It will have to reflect how the beverage encourages these themes. The goal would be that the stories connect somehow and overall create a larger story within each country. This will eventually become a "chain of love" made through social media. For each video uploaded a short description will have to be written down and posted as well, so that others could follow up the "chain of love." This said, the idea is to make up a story leaving it open so others from the same country could continue with the larger story. So, the videos and short descriptions would have to be downloaded to an extension website of Coca-Cola and company would have to spread that website and campaign through its accounts in famous social media platforms.

This given idea encourages the using of video-sharing since it incentives people to create video files and upload it to the platform (in this case to the website that'll be given). It also uses microblogging since they upload the videos with short descriptions of the story being told. Folksonomy will also be used since spreading and promoting the hashtag #CocaColaforLove will be a way of categorizing internet content through collaboration.

The way Coca-Cola will promote this campaign will also be through social media, but through famous platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Since the company has already established accounts in these medias it will become much easier to spread the campaign, what it is about and what its customers could win (free Coca-Cola beverages). In these three platforms our hashtag #CocaColaforLove will be spreading throughout the internet using Folksonomy. So, basically Folksonomy is the strongest social media tool Coca-Cola will be using in this campaign.

Furthermore, this strategy will help the company itself to collect information about how many people this campaign mobilised and attracted, creating a data the company could safe for future campaigns. This way social media allows the company do marketing. attract customers, and collect useful data. This shows how social media has become an essential tool for todays companies, whether they are small, start-ups businesses or huge, multi-national businesses.

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