Does God Exist? It has been said no one can prove or disprove that God exists

Most people are unaware that there are good arguments for the existence of God.

It has been said that nothing can be proved absolutely except for some things in mathematics and geometry.

Most arguments even in science are based on the degree of the evidence and not that there is absolute proof.

When looking at things in past history that cannot be reproduced in the scientific method, one must look at whether the evidence shows that it is more probable that something is true or false.

Lets take a look at Seven Videos and Arguments

The First is the Kalam Cosmological Argument

The Second argument is the Moral Argument

The Third is the Contingency Argument by Liebniz

The Fourth Argument is the Fine Tuning Argument

This Argument Is quite interesting. It has staggering evidence and is the argument that changed the mind of the most famous and well respected atheist of the 20th century. After looking at the evidence of the fine tuning argument, Antony Flew went from an atheist to a deist as he felt that an intelligent being or designer was necessary and that the scientific evidence could not explain the data.

We are not talking about the Christian God at this point, but only a being that is apart and beyond the physical universe, space and time.

The Fifth Argument is the Ontological Argument

The Problem of Evil is said to the best argument that the atheist has against theism. There are two parts to this argument and the following two videos will address them both.

We see that when teenagers who have grown up in church finish their first year of college, a high percentage leave the church and many turn away from belief in God. Often the experience of facing a Professor who gives arguments that discredit theism is overwhelming. Churches and parents who can equip their members and family would greatly reduce these numbers.

The following sites can assist in educating Christians interested in defending their faith in God and Christ and provide helpful information to some of the difficult questions that should be addressed by serious Christians.


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