Education and Learning BY Jack Corriea

Part 1

The main reasons certain countries do not have a stable education system include: A lack of funding, a classroom, materials, and Hunger and Poor Nutrition

Lack of Funding

  • Total aid for BASIC education has dropped by 3 billion dollars since 2009
  • 59 Developing Countries are facing a $34 billion dollar debt
  • "On average, eight out of every $10 spent on university education in Africa is subsidised by country governments."

Lack of Proper Classroom

  • Malawi has 130 kids per classroom
  • No basic facilities
  • In Chad only 1 in 7 schools has a running toilet
  • Only one third of the toilets are for women

Lack of Classroom Materials

  • Only 3.5% of 6th grade students had textbooks
  • GPE distributed 55 million textbooks from 2011-2014
  • In Cameroon, 13 kids per textbook
  • Without materials lessons are almost impossible

Hunger and Poor Nutrition

  • Stunting growth can affect cognitive abilities
  • Combined with the long distances kids may travel from home to school, malnutrition is also a very important issue
  • Being malnourished can be the same as losing four years of your education


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