Fast food ads By jessica thompson

Do you think fast food ads look like a five star meal? Or how about a yummy salty snack? FALSE! The fast food industry is very deceptive. The ads make the fast food look so good and fresh. But it’s not it’s just a greatly edited picture to lure in customers to eat there awfully sodium packed food.

Many industry’s like McDonald, Taco Bell, KFC, Burger King , Jack In The Box and etc. have become very good at creating an ad that makes there food look really tasty. For example a McDonald big mac cheese burger ad make this cheese burger look like a juicy double patty with lots of melted cheese with fresh vegetables. But in all reality the “delicious” big mac is fake and proceed meat with fake cheese that isn’t ever melted and week old frozen vegetables. Also McDonald is known for there all famous fries. That look so hot and fresh on the ad .But are they even fresh? Many people order there fries without salt because they realized the fries that are already salted have been sitting out and getting greasy. Sometimes you’ll even get a green fry that’s fully uncooked.

McDonald isn’t the only one doing this to us. Taco bell. “The best fast food Mexican food there is.” Has been known to make there tacos look so cheesy and make the shell look like it has the perfect crunch. But how many times have you got your soggy no flavor taco? Or how about KFC? When I go to KFC I expect my chicken to look just as crunchy and as golden brown as it does in the picture that convinced me to order it. Oh and don’t get me started on Jack in the Box. When I order my bacon cheese burger with large curly fries I expect my fries to have the perfect curl and for my cheese burger to have more than one slice of bacon like it does in the ad on the menu.

Not only do fast food ads show a highly edited picture of their food, but the food is fake meat and proceed and it’s very very unhealthy. The meat is made of who knows what. Full of sodium and unnatural chemicals. Do you really want to put this kind of food in your body? Not only is it a bunch of unnatural chemicals. "ITS PINK SLIME." .There has been many articles that specifically McDonald’s meat is pink slime. Which is terrible they are giving there consumers false information about their product so we will buy it cause it’s so cheap. McDonald’s has a selection of Angus beef patties that are supposed to be 100% Angus beef, And so many consumers purchase this cheese burger because it’s supposed to be 100% Angus beef for the low cost of $ 5.00 for the whole meal. These chemicals and processed pink meat have been causing health problems worldwide from obesity, diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure problems. Why would you want to consume items that are just going to hurt your body in the long run?

As a consumer and as a person that loves food I know there is many other things out there for me to eat it might be a couple more dollars, but you could also eat in more and save for that day you wanted to eat out. It’s defiantly worth it knowing I won’t be eating pink slime or a sodium packed meal. So next time you stop at one of your local fast food restaurants think, and really look at the menu and decided whether you want a meal that doesn’t look anything like the meal that full of fake products ,or a meal you could go home and cook that will be way better for your body and real products.

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