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From humble beginnings in the minds of men and on the fairways of Malibu, the Award-Winning GolfBoard has undergone transformative upgrades based on real-world experience. The GolfBoard is stronger, more reliable, and more durable than ever before. Surfing the Earth has never been better.

4 years of production upgrades have made GolfBoard better than ever

A new front and rear motor package, complete with gear box and undercarriage roller protection to shield against damage by curbs and other debris.
Stronger off-road suspension plates rated for extreme off-road use, combined with an enhanced truck assembly - now standard on all GolfBoards
A new riveted component tray adds strength, durability and protection, and our new steel, two-prong locking charge port connector helps to eliminate arcing and improve charge cable longevity

The shorter and stronger Stability Bar is better adapted to younger and shorter riders, and is 50% thicker to better handle even extreme off-road use. Extension brackets for the golf bag helps to eliminate knuckle bang.

The newer Rhino-Liner® Deck is composed of multiple layers of durable non-skid material, and our new dome GolfBoard logo is a single durable deck label insert that resists peeling.

An external programming port allows for improved ease of servicing
Control Switch protective sleeve protects directional and speed switches from accidental damage
Thumb Throttle quick connect provides ease of servicing
Improved fender material made from flexible TPO material vs. rigid ABS
Upgraded stability bar holder design features a solid steel component tray mounting bracket and internal tray strengthening plate. A new high-strength direct connect electric wiring system is rated to over 1 million flections with a new protective strain relief system.

Other Internal Improvements

  • A new 29E cell battery vs the old 22p version for up to 30% more range
  • New SSR for enhanced voltage surge protection
  • Improved bearing system incorporating multi-alloy material to increase pivot axle bearing durability
  • New shorter pivot axle design to help reduce the likelihood of damage from curbs and obstacles
  • High-impact acrylic component tray cover and gasket to provide improved resistance to water and dust
  • Larger and stronger hardware throughout. Increased diameter of most all bolts and fasteners including the truck assembly and stability bar mounting bracket
  • Rear axle parking brake eliminates 'creep' on steep terrain

Even after winning the 'BEST NEW PRODUCT FOR GOLF' award at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show, we continue to upgrade and improve the GolfBoard in our quest to offer only the best, most reliable product of its kind to the golf industry. Thank you for your continued support.

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