Cameron Bernstein Honors art iii portfolio

Hi! Welcome to my portfolio. My name is Cameron Bernstein and I am a senior at Northwood High School. I have recently applied to the Graphic Design school at NC State University and have included some of these works in my application.

Project 1

Process Images

My first project surrounds Identity. I first did some research and watched tutorial videos on the watercolor medium. I experimented with background colors and styles. I ended up choosing to paint with cool colors in a way to make the background look like the cosmos. I sketched my girl out toward the bottom of the paper and masked it to paint the background. After peeling the mask off, I outlined the girl in pen and proceeded to paint her in. After my color blocking was done, I added shadows and highlights and used brown colored pencil to add dimension to her hair.

Project 1 Final Image

Enveloped, Watercolor

Artist Statement

I have always been somewhat afraid of the unknown but want to teach myself to embrace it, especially now because I’m not sure what I want to do with the rest of my life or what I want to study in college. This work represents the unknown enveloping me peacefully. I have also included root like appendages emerging from the girl's head to represent grounding.

Puppet Collaboration

My group and I created the freedom banners. As a group, we picked quotes from Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Nelson Mandela to put on our banners. We each picked quotes that related to peace, change, and freedom that would fit on the banner. In the process of creating the banners, we painted the quotes in black capital letters on large rectangular pieces of poster paper. After we painted the quotes, we painted the portraits of Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King. Finally, we attached the posters on large wooden sticks to finish banners as many protest signs have been created. We were making a statement for peace to represent these three men are known as the Freedom Fighters. They chose peaceful ways to protest the violence in the world. During the show, I helped man the Sacred Ibis.

Project 3

Process Images

For this piece, I started my process by creating a digital collage which included a hand surrounded by vines and various flowers. I then sketched my piece on tracing paper and transferred it to the linoleum block. Before carving my reduction print, I watched many youtube videos on reduction prints and learned how to work backwards. First, I carved out what I wanted to remain white. Then, I carved out the portion of the hand and spirals I wanted yellow, then dark green. Finally, I carved out everything except for the remaining vines and leaves to print in a light green color.

Final Image

Et Spiritu Florum, Linoleum block print

Artist Statement

I am very fond of flowers and botanicals and I created a piece to convey the spiritual meanings in every flower. The flowers that I used in this piece are lily of the valley, roses, and daisies. Roses represent passion, daisies represent joy, and lily of the valley represents humility. This print had lots of faults and there was a point where I thought it wasn't going to work. However, with hard work and perseverance, I pulled it together with the help of my wonderful art teacher, Ms. Burwell.

Art History Connections

The Starry Night, Vincent Van Gogh, 1889, oil on canvas, MoMA, New York

I gained inspiration for Et Spiritu Florum from this work of art. In my piece, I really wanted to focus on movement and I thought that The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh was the perfect example. In The Starry Night, the night sky seems to move in spirals and in a chaotic fashion. I decided to also include spirals in the background of my piece. The spirals in my print are very similar to the spirals surrounding the stars and moon in Van Gogh's painting.

Folding the Chesapeake, Maya Lin, 2015, Marbles, adhesive, Smithsonian, Washington D.C.

I took inspiration from Folding the Chesapeake for my watercolor painting, Enveloped. Folding the Chesapeake is focused around identity and conservation. I have also centered my watercolor painting around the concept of identity and self-actualization. Maya Lin's piece consists of marbles branching out across the floor and walls like roots. Much like Lin's piece, there are soft colored, root-like appendages emerging from the top of the girl's head. They branch out all the way to the top of the canvas.

Growth Statement

In art this year, I have improved my techniques, learned new ones, and learned how to collaborate in a group art project. My watercolor skills have vastly improved and I learned how to draw the correct proportions of a human face and upper body. I have also learned how to use india ink and salt to create a more abstract watercolor background. I learned how to work backwards with linoleum block printing and the steps to create a multi color reduction print. Finally, I learned how to make puppets with my group members using only cardboard, newspaper, paper mache, wooden sticks, and paint.

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