Fall 10/9/2020

This week in the Toddler room we talked about “Fall”. The Toddlers learned about the changes that happen from summer to fall with the Sun and our planet, the animals, and the plants. We talked about how the Earth moves farther away from the Sun during the fall and Winter months that’s why it gets darker earlier. The Sun is our source of heat and when we are farther away from the sun it gets colder. The Toddlers learned that the Sun doesn’t move at all. Just the other planets move around . We talked about how some animals coats/fur change colors to blend with the environment around so that other animals/predators won’t see them. They also start collecting food for winter and build nest and shelters. The Toddlers learned about different types of plants that are harvested during this time of the year and we began to talk about why the leaves are changing colors during our nature and discovery walks.


Fall Items in a Jar


Nesting Cubes
Biggest to Smallest cube
Color Tiles Secondary Colors
Wheels on a Horizontal Peg


1 to 1 Pumpkins 1-10

Practical Life

Tonging Spiders in a Web


Summer to Fall Bingo Dotting

We sang a song about the colors of the leaves falling from the trees. The Toddlers had a great time collecting them in class and on our nature walk

Leaf Pick up

Toddlers picking up leaves after our leaf color song.

Nature Walk

Collecting leaves to look at shapes and color.
Praying Mantis found outside our classroom window:-)