Tsunami BY Jacob

What is a tsunami?

A Tsunami is a large set of waves that destroy houses . The thing that causes it is an under water earthquake. A tsunami can look like a wall of water or an extremely huge tide that comes very quickly . Lord tsunami means a harbor wave It can kill people and pets.

How is it formed?

A tsunami is formed by under water earthquakes. Landslides, volcanoes, and lava can all cause tsunami's too.

How long do tsunami's last?

Tsunamis usually last up to 5 minutes or an hour.

Where do tsunami's happen?

They usually happen in the Pacific Ocean. Some tsunami's in Hawaii can happen from a earthquake near Alaska.

Interesting facts

  • There was a tsunami that was 1720 feet tall in japan
  • Tsunami can travel 400 or 600 miels hour
  • Tsunamis can push a yacht on a house
  • There was a tsunami in 2004


1. destroy to break stuff

2. quickly fast


Created with images by Carlos Reusser Monsálvez - "Tirúa, a un mes del tsunami" • Sarvodaya Sri Lanka - "Pictures from bus 13" • oh sk - "ship ashore"

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