Symphony Space Project by: Angela Galli, Elise Garcia, Kelly Hayes, and Briana Orrico

who is symphony space and what is their sole purpose?

Symphony Space’s goal is to be a nationally and internationally recognized cultural leader.

In keeping with its founding principles, Symphony Space is committed to: building and nurturing relationships with established and emerging artists encouraging innovation and excellence as the keystones of all presented and produced work fostering a creative environment that engages and inspires artists and audiences of all ages.

They are dedicated to serving a broad and diverse community, as demonstrated by the stylistic range of their programming, their reasonable prices (both tickets and rentals), and by their leadership role in arts and literacy education for children and adults.

The History Behind Symphony Space

Vincent Astor’s Market Opened in 1915. Vincent Astor spent $750,000 to create the Astor Market. It failed within two years and he sold the building to Thomas J. Healy who converted the market into a skating rink known as The Crystal Palace with ta restaurant, the Sunken Gardens, in the basement. The Ice skating rink closed in 1918 due to shortage of ammonia from WWI.

The Symphony Theater Opened during in 1918 during WWI with a 50 piece orchestra. In 1931, Thalia Theatre, a movie theater in the basement, opened and became a go to for hollywood revivals, classics, and foreign films. Today it serves as a venue for concerts, comedy shows, etc. From 1970-1978, the “Symphony theater goes dark”. It had become a venue that was rarely used during the economic down turn and was being rented for mostly wrestling and boxing events.

In 1978, conductor Allan Miller and Isaiah Sheffer rented the seemingly abandoned theater for a twelve hour music festival with audience participation. The event was so successful that the two of them decided to lease the theater and to transform it into a permanent cultural venue. In 1985 Isaiah Sheffer and Kay Cattarulla created the program "Selected Shorts" which would broadcast on 150+ public radio stations across the country as well as podcasts. They had approximately 300,000 listeners each week. Sheffer was the host and reader until his death in 2012. In the year 2000, they old the air rights, built a 22 story apartment building above theater, and using that income the organization financed a 13 million dollar renovation that included the Thalia.

WHo's their target audience?

  • Audience = wide range
  • Most events reach out to adults (ages 25-65)
  • Some events target children
  • People who live in New York City

what do they do

Symphony Space provides education programs targeting ages 6-25. Thet allow students to attend field trips to the theatre to help them get a deeper understanding of music, art, and the performing arts.

some more things they do...

  • Kids’ Book Club
  • Richard Rodgers and the Art of Collaboration
  • New Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra
  • 2017 New York Miss Amazing Pageant

Who is Their Competition

Symphony Space is located on the upper west side at 2537 Broadway, New York, NY 10025. This gives them a variety of different competition, especially since they show a variety of different genres of art and entertainment. What type of art does Symphony Space show? Literature, music, family, comedy, film, theatre, dance and so much more.

Movie Theaters:

  • AMC 84th Street 6

Performing Arts Centers:

  • Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
  • TriBeCa Performing Arts Center
  • (Le) Poisson Rouge
  • Pearl Theatre
  • Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts

the problem?

Although Symphony Space provides programs for a wide variety of people, they would be more successful if they added more programs that targeted an audience between the ages 18-25.

Our Solution

We suggest that Symphony Space put on monthly performances by local NYC artists. These are unsigned performers, and the Symphony Space platform will help them gain a wider audience. We will be picking these artists from submission tapes, and once we choose the finalists, we will enter them into our lottery system to be chosen to perform.

The Deets

Wednesday Nights at Symphony Space

  • Performances of all trades: music, entertainment, stand-up comedy, performance art, art exhibitions, theatre, etc.
  • Artists will be performing pro-bono
  • Performers will be able to sell their merchandise to make revenue

The Budget.............

  • Marketing/Advertising - $100
  • Concession - $30
  • Local Arts Magazine - monthly column - $60
  • Other - $110


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