south Africa by:Christina logan

(doc 1)Apartheid is a policy of system of segregation or discrimination on ground or race. They like to set different races into there own separate groups and give then a specific place for them to stay. They take control of each and every group and make sure that they give them a job to work at. People know how Apartheid can be because back in the day they divided the whites and the black. The black didn't have access to many things the whites had and they didn't get to live freely .

Living in an apartheid is not pleasant especially for the south Africans. They had to follow what the whites told them to do and they only had a specific land they could live on but couldn't move form it even if its far from there jobs. The whites passed laws for them to live under and if they didn't follow that rule they will get punished.(doc 3) In 1967 they passed the Terrorism Act which was if any person who uses violence to the government of south Africa, they will be put in jail without trial. Many southern Africans didn't have a lot of resource like the whites did. (doc 2) They have only very few doctors while the whites had many doctor to go to.(doc 4) When south Africans would protest, many of them would get shot and they will have mass funerals to do.

its important to know what an apartheid is because you can understand what people are talking about when they are talking about it. Its extremely Important because even though apartheid was outlawed years ago, segregated area still strive in South Africa. Mainly non whites still live in shanty towns and they continue to have much worse health care then the whites have. Lots or non whites continue to die of malaria, HIV, AIDS. even 40% of African babies die at birth. Another reason why its important because it happened here in the United states where blacks had to fight for there rights and they were kept as slave to do work for the whites.(doc 6) many where accused because the whites think they might have done something.

Apartheid still happens today because many black people still feel like they don't have an equal right and that they are not treated right. Today blacks are being harassed by police because sometimes they are just standing and a police officer will come up to them and tell then to get down on the ground and since the person doesn't know whats happening, the officer will come and tackle then down with force. Also Muslims don't feel like that are welcomed because many of the whites think that they are terrorist and that they should not be trusted and the things they where for their religion makes them a "bad" person. If they didn't wear what they usually where, then people would be totally fine with it because they don't look like a terrorist.


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