Türkensturz by Chili Gallei

16.000 Aqindji - Ottoman warriors try to conquer Vienna and East Austria.

Bucklige Welt, 1532

The Bucklige Welt ("hunchbacked world") in the alpine foothills becomes also a target to the plundering horsemen.

Schloß Seebenstein

The castle Seebenstein seems another easy loot for the pillaging Aqindji hordes ...

Marie-Lizza and Elvis

A young Burgfräulein walks her dog outside the castle.

the wild Aqindji warriors

Greedy, horny and lustfull the wild riders whip their horses.

Eager to reach the beautiful girl first.


Once the lovely damsel recognizes the onrushing warriors she turns around and takes flight.

So does the dog - the other way round.

Glitzenfeld Forest

The Burgfräulein is running away from the castle. Deeper into the dense forest - in the direction of an old ruin.

The riders are still pursuing the young girl but slowed down because of the forest.

The damsel's goal is an old ruin standing on a steep cliff in the middle of the forest.

old ruin

The girl is running through the open gate of the ruins.

and jumps into the abyss.

The pursuers also storm through the apparently open castle gate ...

... and see the abyss too late!

So all Aqindji warrios plunge instantly to death.

Created By
Chili Gallei
Illustration: Chili Gallei Text: based on an old narrative Copyright: Chili Gallei, 2015 Thanks to John O'Brien for his support

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