Fashion and Adversity Part 2: From Faeriecore to Futurism by rhiannon

Join us as we dive once again into the fashionable past.

Exploring Fantasy, Futurism and the art of escape, we look back through fashion history to see how this time of change will influence our self-expression.

In our previous blog (Fashion and Adversity: Part 1) we looked at the Cottagecore trend, a.k.a how fashion runs screaming to nature when things get a bit strange.

But what about fashion that thrives on flights of pure imagination?

Fantasy Fashion

It's common for us to cope with catastrophe by dreaming of another world; one that’ll help us either escape or make sense of this one. Throughout history, times of upheaval have sparked a surge in art, literature and media that provides escapism, and that's exactly what many of us are embracing now. These fantasy creations have the power to shield us, for a while, from the harsh reality from which they emerged.

In 2020, fashion may be just what we need to transport us from a troubling reality to somewhere much more magical...

Subtrends like Faeriecore and Goblincore have flooded the most style-conscious corners of the internet lately, making them the perfect places to explore our mass escapism through fashion.

Similar to Cottagecore in their dedication to a natural, pastoral aesthetic, these trends each have their own niche which goes one step further into fantasy, embracing all the charms and trinkets associated with their special focus.

Faeriecore floats at the sweeter end of the scale, letting us live our princess dreams in pastel tones and tulle.

...Think running barefoot in the morning dew in a white cotton dress...

...Pairing powder-pink skirts with puff-sleeved blouses...

... Shirred dresses, pearl buttons, ribbons and bows...

...Wavy hair and rosy cheeks....

Dive deeper and you'll find...

...Lace-up bodices and petal-like asymmetric hems...

...Hyper-real makeup for that other-worldly aesthetic...

...Glitter and soft glowy highlighter...

...Have we grown wings yet?

Faeriecore pieces flutter by at RetroStar
Goblincore lurks in a much darker nook, with its love of moss, mud and other earthy tones; patterned with mushrooms, moths, and crawling creature motifs.
What does Goblincore offer us in 2020?

Perhaps a world of magical powers provides the alternate narrative we need until we feel a little less powerless?

Whether fantasy fashion helps us to process the modern world...

...Or escape it...

...It’s a beautiful way to dream.

Velvet, dark florals and witchy dresses, at RetroStar

Perfect Goblincore patterns.

Trousers (pic 1 & 2) & skirts (pic 3 & 4) available now at RetroStar.

A magical escape at RetroStar

Futurist Fashion

On the other hand, for many people hope for the future beats a whimsical idea of the past. There has been a global focus on scientific advances, with many of us putting our hopes for a safer world in the hands of medical researchers.

Viewer stats reveal that many of us are binge-watching shows about pandemics: Could this be about wanting to shed off the past and feel ready for the future? Are we hoping to get a glimpse of what that might look like, in order to feel safer?

If so, perhaps futuristic fashion will play a part, providing a way for us to feel ready to embrace the newness to come. It’s happened before…

In the 1960s, when the brave new world of space travel was capturing people's imagination, all our hopes and ideas about what the future would look like combined to create a fashion movement so ground-breaking it’s still readily referenced and replicated today.

French couturier Pierre Cardin was a key figure in the Futuristic Fashion movement. During the 1960s, he created a collection inspired by the ‘Space Race', and made predictions about what fashion in the 2060s would look like.

[Photos: 1 & 3 theblogazine.com, 2 - pierrecardin.com]

If futuristic fashion continues to gain popularity in 2020, it may be out of our desire to embrace the unknown and move forward. One thing’s for sure, the fashion world has a history of bringing visions of the future to life, and doing it in style.

See-through to the future... Tops & Hi-Vis Pants from RetroStar
The missing link... pants from RetroStar
Shimmer, sci-fi style. Items from RetroStar
Are sci-fi films right, is utility wear the future? Items available at RetroStar

Does your own style help you dream, or does it make you feel ready to face the future?


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