Examples of Effective Posts for Furniture and Home Goods Retailers

So how do these 9 posts look if you are a furniture retailer? Below are the 6 categories of posts you should be creating and after that is which of the 1-9 they fulfill.

  1. Furniture Trends, Updates and News {2,7,8}
  2. Neighborhood Happenings, Highlights and partnerships {1,7,8,9}
  3. Decorating Tips and Tricks {6,7,9}
  4. Customer Revisits- Pieces in Place {2,3,9}
  5. Your Products and Promotions {2,4,6,7,8}
  6. Behind the Scenes & Employee Profiles {4,5,7,8}

With all of these posts it is imperative you keep a few things in mind. The most important being the 80/20 Rule of Social Media. 80% of what you post should be informative, entertaining and useful for your followers with only 20% being promotional. And secondly you are looking to engage customers and position yourself as an expert in your field. Conversations will get you followers and real engagement and sales pitches will get you ignored!

Best Hashtags for furniture and home decor

Stay on top of the trends and be a leader in the area with whats happening. Know the best hashtags... current list below, and watch what is being posted. Also pay attention to key influencers on instagram and be aware of what they are pushing and how it may impact your business. Hollywood too...think about the impact of madmen on furniture styles.

#interiordesign #homedecor #decoration #handmade #lighting #artwork #boho #gypsy #crafty #lace #love #cottage #cosy #homedecor #nurserydecor #crochet #shabby #dreamcatcher #interiordesign #architecture #instadecor #interiorinspo #interiorinspiration #interiors #style #inspo #inspiration #decor #theworldofinteriors #chandelier #luxury #mansion #home #homedecor #interiordesigner #design #homedesign #adstyle #elledecor #instagood #decoration #decorlovers #instaluxe #vogueliving#modernlife #sofa #koltuk #fashionable #fashion #archilovers #stylish #decorating #instalove #wonderful #homeinterior #instadaily #lifestyle #modernhouses #luxuryliving #dekorasyon #picoftheday #realestate #kınık #homesweethome #cosyhome #interiordeco #shabbychic #instagramtags #like4follow #webstagram #lovemyhome #casadolcecasa #lamiacasa #decorazioneinterni

While this post in it's entirety is far too much for an impactful instagram or Facebook post breaking this down into 10 separate countdown posts each featuring one well photographed piece of furniture would be an excellent way to show your customers that you are an expert on whats happening and are staying on top of trends. While it is okay to mix in some of the pieces you have in your own store to highlight trends DO NOT ONLY feature items you carry as that will water down the message and make it seem like you are only highlighting the trends you carry which waters down your expert message.

You heard it here first – #cork is making a #comeback. Not only is cork a stylish material idea that adds warmth and texture to spaces, it’s also ideal for absorbing noise in our increasingly large, open plan homes. “It’s used in coffee table bases in combination with stone tops, and as solid cork stool or side table,” We love this application of cork in this home office. How would you utilize cork in your house! #trendyfurniture

  • Spring Market #WDCMarket2017
  • 1099 14th Street Northwest, Washington, District of Columbia
  • 30 March 2017
  • Type: General Categories Building

The Washington Design Center Market Day is set for Thursday, March 30th, 2017. Mark your calendars now to save the date.

From the restauranteur who brought DC The Pig ... Michael Bonk turns his attention to poultry with this new addition to Logan Circle, cleverly called Bird!

Looking for the perfect way to refresh your home, here is the quickest way according to experts, start by setting your color scheme for the entire house, While it may play out differently in each room deciding on the color scheme and planning it out is the perfect way to give your home a refresh!

Charlotte Lucas marries midcentury shapes with feminine frills, making contemporary rooms feel charming and she says you can do it too!'

"I like to remind my staff that we're not saving lives," says the 33-year-old. "Designing is supposed to be fun!" Proof that the Charlotte, North Carolina, native means it: She pops a bottle of wine for her team during tough days, a tradition that started when she assisted decorator Barrie Benson. Lucas's carefree philosophy is evident in her upbeat interiors, in which Egg chairs and Murano-glass chandeliers mingle with clients' heirloom mahogany tables. "It's all about finding the perfect balance of ingredients — almost like baking," she says. "One wrong chair, and you have to rethink the entire room!"

Pieces in Places as I like to call these posts are great for engaging your audience because it is your audience and customers that make up these posts and it is a great way to follow up with your customers and showcase your furniture. Encourage folks to post back to your pages any images of items that they bought at your store. Preferably with them in them as people get more interaction than just things

These are about authenticity you don't want manufacturer images, you don't want stock photos you want images shot by your clients that evoke emotion and reflect the happiness they are experiencing with their purchase. Be aware of the fact that social media is ruthless when it comes to those they perceive and inauthentic. The above photo would not fly on social media however the two below would be

This is also a great example of how to promote a story

These images deliver the story that you are looking for, the story that sells your brand and differentiates you from competitors.

This is the 20% of the 80/20 formula for social media and these are your promotional posts. It is essential to not exceed the 20% mark once you do you have the potential to lose followers and be perceived and not being an educator and expert but instead simply a salesperson! Make sure to feature different promos on the varying social media so each customer base gets a special feel. What are your new or featured products, are you offering new services etc.

Have a theme and solid standards for these posts, stick to your brand but be creative how can you frame pictures so that they are unique and stick out on social media how are you different from competitors and how can you highlight that?

These are probably the hardest to do but they are also what gives any business a heart on instagram, these are peeks into what the culture of your business is. Remember however to always be on brand! There are a few ways to do these and I recommend using all of the ways to keep content varied.

  • Day in the Life: Highlight things that usually happen in the salon, a pre-opening meeting, lunchtime chatter, shared news about employees. Remember Instagram is very visual so make sure you have a good brand appropriate visual. Think of these as a quick filtered peek into the back of the house.
  • Employee Takeovers: These are combined between the Instagram Story and your feed with just a couple refined images in the feed that are on brand and the rest in the story. The story can be less refined it is set up to be snapchatty for a reason! And it does not stay on your feed!
  • Employee Profiles- these are a bit harder but they are great for morale and a great way to feature specific employee on social media. Ask a set of questions to an employee and take some cool fun photos and viola.
Example of an employee takeover at the Bookstore these are the story posts- the idea is the same for the salon.
Samples of out of story posts for the takeover- still the human side of the store but on brand human side.

Follow Link Below to an example of a full employee profile piece:

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