Native American Project By: Jordan Eiband 2B

This is our land, our right, our food, our lives. we are, I am a native, an Indian.

I am a Native American, a Chief, And you are not welcomed no more. We have problems with you white men, thinking everything is yours. You have made promise's that you have broken, taking our land, our freedom, our food, our home. You white men have inflicted and caused pain and suffrage and war killing our tribe members. we are no animals. We bleed the same blood and are the same, equal, but white men are too arrogant for that. This is our land and we have rightfully claimed it by being here first, long before you came in a boat.

You hunted on our land and killed our buffalo. They are our food, our housing, our clothing, and our main supply of food. This is our land. We claimed long before white men showed up and ruined our chances at living in our land that we made an agreement on, We stay on our land and They stay on theirs.
The white men came they inflicted and caused pain and death, war because they think that this is their land to take. They killed my tribe members and loved ones just because we lived a different life style and that we are different skin color. We are no animal's, We are people surviving the way we came and put on this earth just like those white men. We deserve to be treated equally. We fight back because we are and have been threatened.
here are our ways that we think will solve the issues that have occurred. Finding other Land to hunt on and other trading ports. we can teach you how to grow your own crops and how to riase livestock. How to hunt and to live with out the oil and the land that the oil is on. we have our territory and you have yours. we respect each others lands and keep to our own by signing a treaty. we respect one another's rights and stay in our own land. That is our we solve that.


Created with images by Boston Public Library - "A society of patriotic ladies, at Edenton in North Carolina" • Woody H1 - "Native American Holy Land" • kasabubu - "yellowstone national park wyoming usa" • otisarchives3 - "cp 2011 Wounded Knee" • familymwr - "Army Photography Contest - 2007 - FMWRC - Arts and Crafts - Canal Path #2"

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