The Case Of The Too Hot Apple Cider

OMINOUS - theatening, mencing.

I saw these OMINOUS clouds.

CONFOUND - confuse, bewilder.

I got CONFUSED when I saw these.

MISERABLE - uncomfortable, unhappy.

I saw her and she looked MISERABLE.

GRACIOUS - courteous, sociable.

I looked at these and don't they look just GRACIOUS?

BEAMS - smile.

This just BEAMS me.

SELF-ASSURANCE - confidence.

Isn't this just SELF-ASSURANCE?

MONITOR - watch, observe.

Is this being a MONITOR??

EXPOSED - uncover.

Uh-oh it's been EXPOSED!!

INSTALLED - connect, fit.

Yay! It's been INSTALLED!!

LOOMING - threaten.

Cool, look, he's LOOMING.


Created with images by ChadoNihi - "sky skyscape clouds" • stevepb - "keys open locks security" • terimakasih0 - "beggar woman help" • PublicDomainPictures - "cross salvation world" • TusitaStudio - "sunset sun rays sunlight" • Hans - "via dell'amicizia steep exposed" • katja - "spotted baumwaran monitor tree monitor" • 667037 - "toscana village rock" • 3dman_eu - "white male 3d model isolated" • wdkunze - "africa loom ethiopia"

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