Mutants of the Deep See what the twisted side of nature has to offer

Oh no! The majestic angelfish has wandered into the radioactive waste pipe, leading into the ocean! The gunk has altered its scales into a florescent green and its fins have grown substantially in length in order to more strongly swim in the thick liquid.
This sawfish from Australia has evolved in such a way, that its saw teeth have grown excessively large and over its back.
Not even the deepest depths of the abyss are a safe haven from this radiation poisoning and mutation. Remember the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster in 2011? Large amounts of super radioactive pollution spilled into the Pacific ocean. Much of the radiation has settled in Marianas Trench. Hence the mutation you see here.
This kind of mutated angler is found on the northern side of Marianas trench whereas the purple, eye-less one lives in the south. They were exposed to different levels of harmful material, which led to different effects.
Ocean dwellers aren't the only ones effected. This largemouth bass with a hump head and four side fins was caught in the lakes of Michigan.

The northern pike also hasn't been spared from the clutches of unnatural growth.

This goldfish was most likely thought dead and flushed down the toilet. Somehow, it survived and made its home in the sewers until one day, finding an escape into nature. It seems to have developed large teeth; a very unusual characteristic for a harmless goldfish.
Imagine landing THIS marlin! Just watch out for its head spikes. It's learned about its mutation and is not afraid to use them.

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