All About Public Health: Heart Health Brought to you by Mason Recreation

One of our own, Zill Raval, Well-Being Graduate Assistant for Mason Recreation, sparks a very interesting conversation with Becky Demus, the Assistant Director of Fitness for Mason Recreation, and Nour Alamari, the Health & Well-being Coordinator for Student Health Services, about how heart health is important. They conduct an interesting conversation about heart health and ways to keep up with your heart. Learn about how fitness could be vital to your heart, what eating habits are best, and what you can do to make it a priority to stay healthy.

Questions asked in the video above are as followed:

  1. How much physical activity is good for my health?
  2. How do I strengthen my heart with exercise?
  3. Are certain kinds better than others?
  4. Is there a such thing as too much cardio?
  5. If I haven’t been active, do I just go straight to that amount?
  6. If I’m overweight and have been trying to lose weight unsuccessfully, but am still exercising, does that have any benefit on my heart?
  7. How do I eat healthy for my heart?
  8. I don’t eat healthily but have a fast metabolism and exercise a lot. Could this impact my heart health even though I have good numbers and am healthy right now?
  9. Is heart health for all ages?

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