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The UofN uses the word “Centre” in a restricted sense to refer to a worldwide network of persons and locations in which well-defined interdisciplinary missions objectives are facilitated, communicated, resourced, researched and organized.

The University of the Nations Centres facilitate and integrate international resources and personnel from various Colleges, groups and organizations, either outside or within YWAM, to accomplish specific mission objectives. Integration is based upon an operating agreement established between the Centre and the various groups and organizations. This agreement defines and describes how the parties plan to work together on specific projects.

Each Centre typically performs research, develops and makes available seminars, workshops, appropriate reference materials and monitoring procedures related to its objectives. Also, the Centre may develop and organize a foundational school which presents the rudiments and overview of a specific Centre’s mandate. This school is not to exceed 24 full learning weeks (including the field assignment).

Centres do NOT offer degrees, but they do work with the Colleges to develop degree programmes related to their areas of expertise. Specialized courses and degree programmes related to the Centre’s mandate are offered within the seven Colleges. Currently there are six functional international centres in the University of the Nations.


Global Electronic Network Educating, Serving and Inspiring Students (GENESIS) is an interactive video-conferencing network connecting U of N locations. The purpose of the GENESIS Centre is to make quality training accessible, and to serve the global growth of the U of N.The Centre also researches upcoming communication technologies in order to develop applications for training.

The GENESIS Centre influences the following areas:

A. Networking: creating electronic connections with UofN Colleges, Centres, and schools as well as with the YWAM family of ministries, and other organizations and businesses for specific projects and events;

B. Consulting: gathering information and providing understanding of how new communication technologies can best serve training within the framework of the UofN values;

C. Training: describing the GENESIS concept through seminars, the GENESIS School and its Field Assignment;

D. Programme development: making the best teaching available to students in all nations and connecting them in worship, prayer and fellowship.Teachers from the developing world have an opportunity to extend the influence of their ministry and teaching content.

The development of teaching content and resource material will be encouraged, especially within the subject of discipling nations;

E. Technical: providing technical support for the setup and maintenance of the GENESIS equipment, researching, exploring and testing new technologies and their potential for serving the GENESIS concept.

We offer training in the following areas...


GENESIS School & Field Assignment

International Director: Adriano Estevam

GENESIS Centre International Committee


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