Freak The Mighty Rodman Philbrick

Freak The Mighty

Freak the Mighty is a exciting book (realistic fiction) on two very differnt freinds. In the book a kid named Max was living his life when someone from his old daycare moved into the next door house. This kid wasn't normal though, he had a crippled leg and a disease that allows his insides to grow but not his outsides. They never really met at the daycare. The first time they actually met was when Max helped the kid get a mechanical bird from where it was stuck in a tree.

The child's name is Kevin. Kevin is incredibly smart. With Max who's incredibly tall and strong. Kevin rides on Max's shoulder (because of his leg) to overcome any obsticals.

Max (the tall one) may look very violent at first but on the inside he is just a nice humble kid.

Kevin (the smaller one) is always taking charge and uses very good vocabulary. Kevin enjoys whe he and Max team up he says, "...we become a super human!" -Freak The Mighty

Together they make Freak the Mighty, (Kevin being the freak)(Max being "the Mighty") together they go on adventures and accomplish many things.

(Top) Freak the Mighty chase a mechanical bird. (Bottom corners) book covers

If I wrote this book I would recommend it to early middle schoolers and people who like a nice funny dramatic book.

By Brody Egbert

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