interior minds Risa Yamazaki

"How do our thoughts and perspective shape our reality?"

My work focused on human minds and how they can affect the way individuals think. At first, I wasn't very clear or sure about how to answer my question because it was very broad, but it intrigued me to want to investigate and learn more deeply. I also wanted to learn more about myself and how I think about life.

I started off with the most simple way of showing perspective by collaging two people looking at a box with a vase on it from two different angles.

"Figurative Perspective"

Size/Materials: 10in x 7 in, paper, X-acto knife, glue, scissors, ruler

In this piece, I designed the flower to appear straight and healthy from one side (girl with black hair/white dress) but tilted and bent from the other side (girl with white hair/black dress).

By creating a piece on perspective more literally, I was able to start thinking more diversely and deeply about the human mind, and how our thoughts, feelings, and behavior that occurred in the past, or something we believe in today, affects our daily lives.

Title: "What We Carry of the Past"

Size/Materials: 16x9 scale, digital (iPad, Procreate)

Title: Inside/Outside Self

Size/Materials: 6x4 scale, digital (iPad, Procreate)

Title: Simulacrum

Size/Materials: 6x4 scale, digital (iPad, Procreate)

Process: Creating a piece from picking a word.

Sim·u·la·crum noun -an image or representation of someone or something.

Title: Two Identities

Size/Materials: 4x4 scale, digital (iPad, Procreate)

Humans are constantly changing. The way we think, behave, believe, and experience are some of the things that make us have unique perceptions of life. My question guided me to realize that conflict is a very big factor in our life. Without conflict, we are not able to become aware of the problem and work with it.

BONUS: These are some other works I did since quarantine started.

Some of my doodles
Digital painting (Procreate) from LA Burdick.
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Risa Yamazaki