My portfolio By: Taylor devisser

My name is Taylor and I'm a freshman at zeeland east. The 3 pictures above are some pictures I took my self. I'm into photography and art and they both go together which is what I love best. I just recently started and hope to do it in the future also. This is also is my first year of art in high school. I took this class because all my art teachers think I should and it also goes well with what I wanna be when I grow up. So far art has helped me with not only art but many other things. When I'm older I'm hoping to go to college for photography or something with video and production. I want this because movies are one of the most favorite things in the world and not just because it's a good movie, but also because the view and video that goes into it Intriges me and grabs my eyes. I'm normally a calm person and never in a hurry so if I can get a job that I can do my job and enjoy the envirment at the same time.


This was the first piece we did in art this year. Some of the things we did on this paper was so that we could know what would be in art and some of the vocabulary and what they meant. Getting better at art isn't just drawing to me it's learning about it and reflecting off it as much as drawing is more fun. One of the things I did on this paper is space and it shows a bottle with water coming out of it, and at the same time making a canyon to show the space. Value is the most I used thus so far. Knowing from 1-10 how dark an image is and how dark you need to draw it.


This was one of my most favorite drawings. As a kid I was always interested in animals and slowly drifted away from it as I got older but doing it was good. We focused on negative space vs a detailed side. It shows half of it so you can get an idea of what the whole thing looks like and at the same time see the negative space.

First before and after

This was my before hand drawing. When I drew this I knew little about hands but I knew enough to make a figure that you can recognize.

The second hand drawing I went into detail. Using shading and making the figure look like it's popping out and make it look like you looking at a photo of a real hand. Also learning the values of 1-10 is so important in a drawing like this.


This project was the most fun and most boring one of them all. It was really cool to e little dots and creat something big out of something so small. This took lots of patience and time.

2-point perspective

My two point perspective was complicated and takes a lot of re doing and thinking. In this picture I was focusing on a modern house. Vanishing point was on the right and left side to make it the most appealing. I love making things look 3D and pop out.

Second before and after

In this drawing I knew how to make a face, just not in detail. I hadn't been in a high school art class before as you can tell by this picture so this was the first self portrait I've done.

My final self portrait went amazing. Through out the year I've learned how to use shading and how to draw something off a picture. We also practiced a lot on facial features which helps. Knowing where to draw the features and in the right space is most affective in my opinion.

Definitely the most fun and boring project I've done so far. It's awesome to put little dots all over a picture to creat one big thing and at the same time have it take forever and doing the same thing over and over again. But in the end it's all worth doing.

Still life

My still life drawing need quite well. It was definitely hard to do bones and show where the light is and was a tricky project. I could have done the glasses and bones better with shading and those key bright points in the drawing.

Scratch board

This was a fun project and also frustrating. Making sure you know where you are making it and not accidentally giving too much pressure or being too light can mess up the whole picture. Also making the texture look like you could touch it and feel the fur. This took a lot of patience and focus to make sure I got it right.

I wasn't able to finish this, but I think I learned a lot to blend in this project. It takes a lot of thinking and to know what colors to use to get the best result but it's a good thing to exspirement with.

Lastly I believe that art has changed me in all to be a better person. I've learned to make things come to life and somethings look even worse than it already was. I think anyone can do something if they put their mind to it and there's so many different things to do! I've grown as an artist on many different things and hope to take further classes in the future.

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