Hello. Thanks for stopping by my mobile studio, with a lil' swipe action I'm able to share some of the projects I have created for my site here at Jefferson Commons. My first love is the old school method of sketching and painting by hand, so I have incorporated this style into much of my designs in order to produce one of a kind pieces of art. Most of the projects I create are using programs in the Adobe suite; Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. My goal is to always create one of a kind designs that are as unique as the people looking at them.


Created in Photoshop using a Surface Pro 4 to sketch directly into the program.

(Click on any image to get up close and personal with the details)


All of the logos were created using Adobe Illustrator

(scroll on)

Zia Symbol tied into the official T-Voice logo
Tap and Swipe to to view each individual image


The poster art was created using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator


Kinetic Typography using Adobe After Effects and Premiere pro

William Quijano from our National L&D Team asked me to help create a Christmas video for his "All Hands" end of the year business call. I created the kinetic text effects in Adobe After Effects and the video editing in Premiere Pro CS6.

hand sketched mural

pastels and chalk

Our lovely Jackie Dodson from Resource Planning allowed me to use her as a model for my mural to support the #feeface push.

The Newly installed chalk board walls have been a great way to communicate messages to the entire site in a fun and effective way!

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