Hello. Thanks for stopping by my mobile studio. With a lil' swipe action I'm able to share some of the projects I have created for my site, Jefferson Commons. My first love is the old school method of sketching and painting by hand; I have incorporated this style into many of my designs in order to produce one of a kind pieces of art. Most of my projects are created using programs in the Adobe suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. My goal is to always create one of a kind designs that are as unique as the people looking at them.

Global care recognition program

Sandra Pena reached out to me, on behalf of the Global Care Team, in search of a logo and new design to be the face of their new 2018 recognition program called Above and Beyond. Joe Preston, who is the director of the program, expressed that he envisioned a big magenta heart incorporated into the Above and Beyond theme. "I want people to know we all LOVE them for their contributions, for who they are, and for making us better."

My first goal with this project was to create a logo that would stand out, really grab the viewers attention, and keep them looking!

Once the logo was complete, I switched gears into incorporating Joe's vision of the Heart. I chose a geometric heart to show how interconnected we are as a team! Every individual shape is valuable in creating the overall picture.

Below is the template created for the recognition certificates. They will be printed on card stock as well as sent out electronically through email as well as Facebook.

Game room re-design

After purchasing some really cool arcade games, my site director wanted a complete re-design of our game room with imagery to match the new, fun atmosphere. When I say fun, I really mean competitive! Jefferson Commons definitely takes the cake when it comes to competition. I chose athletes who have really taken their sport to the next level; what better way to make it competitive than with these GAME CHANGERS? Each one of these athletes have played such a major role in their given sport by dedicating their lives to the craft and going above to become GREAT! Each panel was created in Photoshop using illustration techniques to achieve a vintage feel with a twist of T-Mobile branding. The wall is 17 Ft tall and 22 Ft wide, each panel was printed on vinyl-transfer paper and installed permanently on the walls you see below.

(Click on any image to get up close and personal with the details)

Light boxes

I was asked to come up with an exciting way to show off our Record Breakers in the site; something "Flashy", but could easily be interchangeable when records are broken. After doing some research, I found a company that makes light boxes in the Kansas area for all of the major cinemas around the state. They custom built our center these awesome light boxes to show off our amazing winners! The designs are printed on translucent photo paper using our new plotter that we piloted out the Canon series for T-Mobile. (P.S. the photos don't do the light boxes justice- you'll have to plan a trip to Jefferson Commons to get the full effect!!)


Sketching is a passion of mine; I find that, through my illustrations, I am able to create pieces that are one of a kind!

I created this piece for WLN, it was used as a 10ft x 10ft backdrop on the Care Amped Leadership Call.

video work


William Quijano from our National L&D Team asked me to help create a Christmas video for his "All Hands" end of the year business call. I created the kinetic text effects in Adobe After Effects and the video editing in Premiere Pro CS6.


All of the logos were created using Adobe Illustrator

(scroll on)

Zia Symbol tied into the official T-Voice logo
Tap and Swipe to to view each individual image


The poster art was created using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

hand sketched mural

The chalk board walls have been a great way to communicate messages to the entire site in a fun and effective way!

Our lovely Jackie Dodson from Resource Planning allowed me to use her as a model for my mural to support the #feeface push.

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