The KIWI BIRD BY: Emilee Powless


  • kiwi birds are the only bird that have NO wings, they peck the ground to find worms to eat but they are injured they are taken in to be taken care of and fed.
  • A keen sense of smell is a rare attribute for a bird, but kiwis have highly developed great senses. They are the only birds with nostrils at the end of their beaks, along with sensory pits which allow them to sense prey underground.
  • The small bird lives on the island of New Zealand. It is the home to many unusual animals, including the kiwi. These small birds are the national bird of New Zealand and this is the only place in the world you’ll find them, outside of zoos.
  • Kiwis actually have excellent memories, and can remember unsavory incidents for at least five years!! The birds may be fooled by recorded kiwi calls on tape once, but they learn their lesson afterward, and tend to challenge the device and suspiciously circle it to ascertain whether it is an actual fellow kiwi.
  • Though kiwis may be nocturnal, they aren't shy. The birds are very territorial, and a have razor-sharp claws which can do some damage. According to kiwi researcher Dr. John Mclellan, one great spotted kiwi in North West land area named Pete is infamous for "catapulting in for a hit-and-run. He belts you in the leg and then runs off into the undergrowth."
The kiwi drawn by creator of website Emilee powless

Kiwi will die out and they will not exist no more ( BOM BOM BOM!!!!! )

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