Liverpool John Moores University dance studio

Dance students at LJMU will be starting the new academic term with access to a revitalised studio environment; the addition of three, six metre projection screens creating a dramatic backdrop for multi-dimensional performance art.

Prior to the installation of the Epson EB-G7905U with ELPLX01 ultra-short throw lens, the traditional black box theatre offered just one retractable screen positioned at the back of the performance area. The new installation completed by Pure AV creates an exciting canvas that can be filled with vibrant projected images to complement the live action in the main performance area.

The ELPLX01 lens enables the projectors to be placed discreetly above the dance floor and in close proximity to the screen allowing the creation of a large six metre wide image from just two metres away. Positioning the projectors in this way ensures that the projected image remains uninterrupted and that no shadows are cast by the performers.

Pure AV account manager Mike Molyneux worked with senior AV and theatre technician Noel Jones on the selection of the projector. He explained,

“We looked at a number of different options when choosing the projector; the combination of the ELPLX01 lens with the EB-G7905U Epson unit offered the right brightness levels and excellent image quality. The ability to create such a large image from a very, very close range made it the perfect fit for the application”.

Flexibility was a key consideration for the University and the projectors and screens can be operated independently or together according to the demands of the user. An Extron control panel provides a simple way to manage and control the hardware. Content and lighting is delivered through an existing Green Hippo media server which allows the creative layering and distribution of the projected images.

The integration of the new projection with the Green Hippo server has dramatically increased the creative potential of the theatre space. Noel Jones explained,

“With the new system we can work on multiple levels, we can manipulate the images and distribute them in such a wide variety of ways. Whether individual images on each screen or a single image across all three or even multiple image layers, the Green Hippo in conjunction with the projectors and screens has really opened up the creative potential of the dance studio”.

The reaction to the new facilities has been overwhelmingly positive and the system was a big talking point at a recent open day for prospective students with all visitors impressed by the creative potential the studio offers.

Noel Jones, Senior AV and theatre technician

Noel is equally positive about the project delivery,

“As far as the project delivery goes Pure AV has been absolutely brilliant. They worked very closely with us; they listened to our technical needs and delivered a solution that has truly enhanced the facilities within the studio”.

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