World War II Overview and Reflection

Basic Overview:

  • 1939 - 1945
  • Allies (US, GB, RUSSIA) vs. Axis (GERMANY, JAPAN, ITALY)
  • U.S. Entered war in 1941 - Pearl Harbor (Dec. 7th)
  • Two front War for US and Germany
  • Complete Warfare - 10% Fight, 90% production

Background - Setting the Stage

The Great War - ( War World I) 1914 -1918

War Bonds Campaign Sign, 1917
Europe - 1914
"War to end all Wars..." Us enters - 1918.

RESULT: Triple Entrente Wins - Losers Suffer

Europe, 1918 - Post War

Post-War Germany vs. Post- War US

Wide-Spread Economic Depression

Post WWI Germany, 1919

Germany left to pay millions in reparations. (Reparations - the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged.)


Loss of Territory

Germany lost territory after the war, which took away areas of commerce and industry.

Amount of territory lost by Germany in 1919.

The United States

Amendment - Hold on, Wait a Minute..

Prohibition, No more Boos.


Record Peak to Record Low

The Great Depression

Victims of the Dust Bowl ( Grapes of Wrath).

Herbert Hoover - Founder of Hoovervilles

New York City - Central Park

The Rise of Power

(Right : Adolf Hitler, 1932; Left: Benito Mussolini , 1922.)


FDR, 1932 - Lenin, 1917

Rise of Nazi Germany

National Socialist Workers Party
Party Statistics

Why The Rise?

  • Reparations
  • Loss of territory
  • Sense of need
  • Search for power/leadership
  • Influential


Chamberlain and Hitler - Late 1930s.

War Begins - September 1, 1939

Blitzkrieg- Lightening War

  • Poland - Quick, artillery assault.
  • Medevil vs modern. Horse vs. tank.
Defend Your Honor : Great Britain

A Worldly Crisis

  • U.S.? - Lend-Lease. No thanks to fight again.

Europe - December 5, 1941

Grey - Third Reich, Red - Soviets.

December 7, 1941

A day that will live in infamy.

Declaration of War - Empire of Japan.

  • Two front war : Pacific and Europe
  • Revenge for Pearl Harbor
  • Save Europe from itself
  • 1942-1945: Total Warfare.
  • Pacific Theatre Focus.

Why Do We Fight?


KRISTALLNACHT - Night of Broken Glass - Nov. 9 &10 1938



  • Hitler built upon ideas that already existed
  • Pure aryan race
  • Cause of Germany's downfall and finically issues during WWI.

World Wide Losses

Percent of population of Jewish decent growth/decline
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