Inside Out Sunshines Art with Emotion

How do we show feelings?

With our faces.

Is that all?

Body language

Anything else?


It’s complicated...

Today’s Learning Target

Use color, size, and shape to express emotions in your artwork.

The Big 5

Act it out! Pretend you just found out you got free tickets to Disney World! WOOHOO!!!!

Start with a huge orange circle.

Make a face with a huge open smile!

Make the rays of light As big shapes reaching way out.

Color the joyful sun Yellow.

Act it out. Pretend you just saw a puppy get hit by a car... Waaaaaa!

Make a small purple circle.

Make a sad face and curl the rays of light into a ball.

Color the sad sun blue.

Act it out. Pretend your doG just chewed a hole through your Nintendo Switch! AAaaarrgggghhhhh!

Draw a small black square.

Make an angry face with V-shaped eyebrows.

Make short, sharp, pointy light rays.

Color the angry sun red.

Act it out. Pretend you just saw your little brother eat his boogers. Eeeewwwww!

Make a brown oval.

Make a disgusted face.

Make small wiggly rays of light.

Color the disgusted sun green.

Act it out. Pretend a zombie just crawled out from under your table. Yeeeeeekkkkkkk!

Draw a gray oval.

Draw a wide-eyed Scaredy face.

Make long, wormy rays of light.

Color the fearful sun purple.

Test on the back of your paper to see what each of your blue crayons looks like, then pick one for the sky.

Remember that coloring lightly makes a paler color.

Take your time, coloring neatly around each nook and cranny of all the suns. Color all the white space.

Don’t scribble over your beautiful sun drawings! There’s no need to rush.

In the end, it’ll look sorta like this.

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