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-Previous Projects-

Modern Tribes

This narrative piece was created for a project related to modern tribes, I had five weeks to create artwork related to this topic. I choose to make a short silent narrative that could be incorporated into a children's book, comic, or left as a panorama poster.

Final Image
I wanted to express how both characters want what the other one has without realising the value of what they already own.
I created six small vignettes to show the characters in their natural tribes, gathering gifts to give to each other.
The middle panel shows them meeting, I intentionally created this panel less complex than the first and last to create a balanced image when all the panels came together.
The second three vignettes, showing the characters after they have met as well as the star in a bell jar, which was the idea that this piece grew from.
I wanted to express the ending of the story by showing the characters content and happy.
Some preliminary sketches I did when gathering ideas and forming characters.

I really enjoyed the project, creating characters and the fictional setting that is based on architecture around lincoln.

Negotiated Project

This work is from the final project of my Illustration Degree, I wanted to create a silent comic featuring a few short poems that compliment the images.

Thinking about how the story starts and how to show story progression without any text. I wanted to use a mixture of traditional and digital methods so I experimented with a scanned I pencil piece then added digital colouring methods.
Dippen and ink with digital colours. I wanted to experiment with a more childlike style of character but decided to use the more adult style above. The creatures, however, remained childlike as they represent the child's imagination and creativity.
Gathering ideas for the project

I've really enjoyed this project so far as it has helped me gain an inside of my own visual style and ideas about how I want to work in the future. As this is the last project of my degree it is not yet finished, but I fell I have reached a point where I know what the final result will be like.

Poster and Postcard- self promotion project

A postcard front and back with one of my illustrations on, this project helped me focus on what kind of style I prefer to illustrate in and how I would promote my work to others.

Poster, as with many of my drawings I created the sketch by hand and added colour digitally. However with this poster I wanted to create a less complex design so choose to colour in sepia tones rather than fill the entire image.

Some build-up work and ideas.

Monster Bubbles

The design for the monster bubbles banner, I wanted to draw lots of children cleaning the monster and working together to promote teamwork when caring for pets. I aimed to make the picture bright and colourful to appeal to children.
Some work in progress for the Banner

This project was enjoyable and fun, creating moster designs and thinking of different ways to sell a product created an interesting insight into advertising.

Crowded Spaces

For this project the task was to fill a space with a minimum of ten characters. I created a 3D train carriage with twelve passengers, I wanted them to be interacting and used storyboards as inspiration to plan out each window.

For this project I wanted the characters to be childish and fun, as if the final project could be a child's dollshouse.
I added lights and wheels to the train, as well as acetate windows. I also created the wallpaper and carpet designs whilst making the chairs, tables and body from foam board. The small objects were collected from dolls houses and repainted for the tables, I thought about the content on each table and how it would relate to the character stirring there. 
Some of the work in progress of building the train and checking the size of each character and object. I based the carriage on photographs of the orient express and my visit to the hogwarts express, only I removed each individual room on the original designs those trains in order for the characters to have more interaction.
Both sides of each character are different so that you can see different parts of a story depending on which window you look though.
I really enjoyed this project, from designing characters to constructing the train and adding all the little details.

This was one of my favourite projects, having eight weeks to create the ideas and build the train really helped bring all the pieces together and even though some improvements could be made I am very pleased with the final project as it was my first time creating a model of this size.

Othona Costal Park

This project was a private commission for two information boards about Othona community's new costal park. Othona had lots of requirements for the boards such as making the text easy to read for the elderly people who would be visiting often. They also wanted a simple layout which included a photograph of the area and illustrations of the local wildlife. I was given a list of animals, plants and shells and asked to create simple yet effective images for each design.

This project was a fun and interesting commission, thinking of ways to display information for the visually impaired whilst also making it fun for children was a new and exciting challenge. Othona are very happy with the information boards and the park won an award for its over all design last year.

Personal Work

Here are some of my favourite pieces of personal work I have done for fun and experimentation purposes. I enjoy mixing different media and drawing a range of things that interest me.


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